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I’m a fun loving makeup addict, and I find makeup to be exciting, it’s like art to me. Unfortunately I am not a makeup artist professional. Currently I’m intermediate, but I still have much to learn about the makeup world. I can definitely become a makeup artist, but to be honest life has lead me to a different direction.
For a long time now I was going to pursue in a field of makeup artistry to be even more specific a special effects artist. I love makeup, makeup is fun, it’s my favorite form of expression; but for me to have a job as a makeup artist or special effects artist is not a fit. Yes makeup is my passion but a passion I like for myself and to blog and share about, but not a real career path I will truly love. I feel my love for makeup would be diminished if I chose it as a regular "JOB". Call me silly I guess (^_^)
Mostly what you’ll find in my blog is reviews on products, a few makeup looks thrown here and there, and some D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) tutorials. I also post other miscellaneous things here. So please enjoy yourself, and don’t take it so seriously! And please ask me before taking my pictures, I would really appreciate it.

Name: My real name is Ai Ellico Baja, but everybody calls me Dizzy since middle school but the nickname really stuck in high school my sophomore year.

Why Dizzy? It’s pretty silly really, but it was because of the way I walked I would walk like I was dizzy, swaying from side to side. If your wondering I am a better walker now LOL d(^_^o).

Where did Dizzy Anderson come from? Well, Anderson is the last name of my hubby, and you now know why I'm called Dizzy. But Dizzy Anderson is an alias I kinda go by here in the World Wide Web LOL. The only reason I went by my alias was the fear of identify theft and I really didn’t want some crazy murderer finding me LOL
I know, silly reasons but I’m honestly over it. I don’t care if people know my real name or not. I still go by Dizzy, but older friends and family members call me Ai. 
Age: 22 years young, my birthday is September 22nd.
Born: Japan ((Asia))
From: Colorado ((United States))
Ethnicity: I'm about 50% Japanese (from my biological father’s side) and about 20% Hawaiian and 20% Filipina and the remaining 10% is just a shit load of other ethnicities I won’t even dare to list, because there is so many. Just say I’m Japanese, Hawaiian, and Filipina (^_^)
School: I currently attending Ashworth University
What do you want to do when you finish school? To become a dental assistant.
Work: Currently I’m a part time nanny and Survey taker.
Where did the name Death By Dizziness come from? Before I even started this blog, I was heavily thinking of a name for my future blog. I know I wanted to include my name (nickname) in the title some how and I wanted it to be catchy and cool. LOL lame, I know. So I pretty much made a list of blog title candidates and everyone I taught was just dumb. So I started thinking about my personally and the things I really like. Since I can remember I loved horror movies and monsters starting from vampires, zombies, and werewolves (I.E. way before everybody else thought they were cool) and that got me thinking on Well I thought of death, I mean quite inevitable in those types of movies. So I came to the conclusion of Death By Dizziness *\(^o^)/* I know my thinking was really jumbled and slightly weird. But that's kinda who I am and I'm pleased with the outcome (o^^o)
Why did you decide to blog? (Makeup Journey included) Okay so this is going to be a bit long (#^.^#)… a long time ago about 2007 I was looking for a hair tutorial on Google, how to do a pouf/bouffant. I stumbled a crossed a video and I'm like well better seeing then reading right? I forgot what the girls name was but she was on YouTube (obliviously my 1st time visiting this site). So I just decided to check more tutorials on poufs/bouffants on this YouTube (This is the time were YouTube wasn’t necessary trending yet). I stumbled upon PurseBuzz! She had an understandable video I’ve been looking for, but then I saw she had more hair tutorials and then I saw she had makeup videos, showing you how to achieve certain looks. I was so fascinated and in trance with every video. I kept watching more and more then started to discover more makeup videos and interesting people doing them like: EnKoreMakeup, BeckisMoonStar, itsliz89, Panacea81, xsparkage, and a few more (They have been off of YouTube for a while now).
I’ve always done my makeup, but it was mostly self taught. I don’t wanna sound coincided but I had a natural talent with makeup before stumbling on to YouTube but never realized it at the time. The thing that made me start wearing makeup was my mom. Before the divorce between her and my step father, I would remember her sitting on the bathroom counter and I would watch her do her makeup so effortlessly. I think putting on makeup made me feel closer to her, cause I would rarely see or speak to her. I know that’s sad to hear but the truth behind my makeup journey.
Discovering the beauty videos opened this magical world to me I never really acknowledge before. I would just sit, observe and practice then do it again the next day, then the next. Makeup became a thrilling ride for me, I gained so much knowledge. Upon this knowledge I was gaining I really started to learn about makeup products in general, which ones were good and which ones were bad.
I remember just typing in “cosmetics” on Google and discovering Urban Decay Cosmetics and Medusa’s Makeup. Both there sites, pictures, colors, and packaging inspired me. I think I wanted everything! Before long I unfortunately forgot about Medusa’s Makeup, just because I became consumed by Urban Decay Cosmetics. I remember getting my 1st deluxe eyeshadows: Fishnet, Graffiti, Heat, Peace, Ransom, and Zero. They were really the best shadows I’ve tried at the time, but Urban Decay was expensive so I had to compromise on a few things and get drugstore products as well. But drug store products sucked just because you couldn’t test the products before buying them. And I believe I wasted a lot of my money on some shitty products. Feed up I decide to do research online for reviews on drugstore brands and products. Then discovering blogs who are just so dedicated to reviewing products, I kinda became obsessed with reading blogs LOL even non-beauty related ones like Hello Kitty Hell! (Great Blog By the way should really check it out ---> HEREAt the time I was going to school online, a lot of my friends had kids very early on, some going away to college in a different state or even out of the country, and even had fall outs between a few good friends because of the path they went down. So I kinda felt alone, besides my hubby being there I had school, YouTube videos and blogs. That’s all my life consisted of. I had no one to really talk to about makeup (I really couldn’t with my sister just because she was too young and had no interest in makeup at that time). So I need an outlet, my poor hubby listening to me gab about makeup I bet was getting old, but he was such a good sport about it LOL.
I tried to do videos but I was just to shy, so I opted out. I figured the next thing to do was to make a blog. Letting my personality out thru my writing and just talking about makeup and sharing my makeup looks. And there you have it my long ass makeup story LOL
About the Hubby: As some of you may know I am married, most of you know my husband as Adante (Nickname BTW), hubby, or hubs.
How long have you been together? It’s been 7 + years now. Are anniversary falls on September 9th.

How did you meet? Okay this is going to be another long story, so be prepared LOL... So I meet him when I was still in high school. Every morning I would walk to my friend’s house (because it was on my way to school) and we would usually get ready there, you know the putting on makeup and such. In this particular morning my friend was talking about this guy in her older brother’s bed passed out. And us being giddy teens we crept up or down to her brothers room and peeked in the door and there he was (BTW I have know idea where my friends brother was). Anyways, I forget exactly what my friend and I were laughing about but we ended up waking him, so we ran back to my friend’s room and acted like nothing happened.

He ended up coming up to us and started talking and hangout with us. Please note I was a very bad teenager or in general a bad child growing up and I do not ever recommend anybody doing the same things I did, I regret my actions and choices I made. Anyways, we pretty much did what all delinquent children would do, ditch school to hangout with this cute boy. Before we knew it the day has ended, but that just means the night is bout to start. So we made plans to go party at a mutual friend’s house we knew. And my friend and I would get picked up around 10. But unfortunately for me my ass fell asleep after getting ready and missed the ride. FYI I was a heavy sleeper, if there was a huge tornado that blew the house away I would still be sleeping happily. The next day my friend was telling me how much fun everybody was having and how much the boy we meet was talking bout me, so we decided to try it again, but this time I was ready and awake LOL
A couple more days has gone by and pretty much everyday this boy and I were hanging out to me he was so charming, outgoing, and a real sweet talker, man he knew how to swept a girl off her feet! Until this one night (September 9) he asked me to be his lady, of course I said yes, and that night we stayed up talking about almost everything and we ended up sleeping together, we did not have sex we fell asleep okay. Geez what kind of girl do you take me for? Remember I said I was a delinquent not a whore!! LOL I'm JK (^_-) and so from then on it was pretty much history for us (ɔˆ ³(ˆˆc)
Piercing(s): I have the normal ear lobe piercings (on both sides) since I was a baby, and I have a piercing on the right side of my nostril since I turn 18.
Piercing(s) you plan on getting?  I do however plan to pierce my ear lobes again (you know get a second hole), auricle (rim), pinna (helix), forward pinna (forward helix), tragus, auricle weaving, maybe a rook, tongue, left side of my lowbrets (or snake bites idk yet), and naval. That sounds like a lot but the majority of it is for my ears. Gotta bling ‘em out! (^o^)
Tattoo(s): At this moment I have only one tattoo it's located on my lower back. Yes, I know what some of are you are thinking "do you me a tramp stamp" and if it will help you to visualize it has so, by all means be my guest. LOL Anyways, it's a tattoo of my hubby's nickname Adante (Shit I feel some of you judging me already) But as an FYI, he got my nickname tattooed on his forearm 1st, and I never pushed him to it. He just came home one day and said "Hey babe look what I got!" Seriously, that's how it went down. On my 18th birthday I really wanted to get a tattoo. At the time the hubs and I were together for 3 years already and I knew I loved him with all my heart and never have I truly felt this way about anybody. He’s my bestest friend I could ever have and my lover. I knew I wanted to tattoo his nickname on me for a while so I just did it. FYI I promise you he had no idea I wanted to do this and he never pushed me to do so.
On the day I was getting my tattoo done, it hurt; I was a fucking pussy about it too. Well, I didn’t make a big ordeal about it but my face alone was clear I was in pain. My tattoo artist Ian asked me if I want to fill it with a certain color. And really I didn’t know what color to go by plus I didn’t want to deal with it anymore so I said no, I’ll come back in some other time LOL

Tattoo(s) you plan on getting?  Actually yes, I’m going to fill in my tramp stamp LOL, and I’m going to get crescent moons on each middle knuckle, one in black and the other in yellow or gold if possible. I will also get: the word LOVE on the outer side off my hand, a quote on the outer forearm, my name in Japanese on the back of my neck, a cherry blossom tree on the side of my torso (the petals will be falling and the wind carrying it towards my back), and a Geisha girl on my back (she will be hold a samurai sword and her kimono off her shoulders. She will look it she came out of a battle). I will also get three turtles on my upper left shoulder (this one is special to me because my mom has one, and my sister and I will get one has soon has she turns 18)
Why would you pierce or tattoo yourself? I definitely get this question a lot especially from quite older people. And the answer is simple; 1 I like it (any excuse to bling myself out LOL) and 2 it's myself expression. Besides I just don't get a piercing or tattoo-ed willy-nilly. It’s something I truly think though for a while. With piercings I get fake piercing jewelry and run around with that for a while and seeing if it's something I like or can put up with. And with tattoos I make sure to really think though if it's something I will still like 80 + years from now. Though you can get temp tats there really isn't really a grantee of an exact replica of what you want. So I really think a tattoo thru because it will be forever unlike a piercing where you can heal the area you pierced.
Eye Color & Shape & Lashes: My eye color is a really dark deep brown. My eyes are childish round Asian eyes. And my lashes are pretty sparse, though I have to admit there nicely long. One funny thing about my lashes, on the left eye my lashes at the outer corner is slightly curled, but my right eye my lashes are your typical stick straight downward facing Asian lashes.
FYI during the spring and summer months I suffer from severe allergies, in which my eyes are also effected. It’s the reason why I tend to neglect makeup looks during the spring and early summer.
Eyebrow Shape and Maintenance: I have a rounded shape brow with a high arch. I know a lot of girls are guilty of this (especially me), but I tend to over pluck the brows. Particularly, in my young teens I had very funny looking brows (because of a friend). At first my brows were to short, then as I got older they started looking like happy rainbows (That was outta my sister mouth LOL) but with time and watching how much of my brow I plucked, I manage to get them to a some what decent state.
My brow maintenance is pretty simple, I pluck them. Occasionally I will wax them myself, but only the hair that are really thin and hard to grab and pluck with tweezers.  There are times where I feel like there getting thin so I let them grow out for a while and then I visit my local salon to have them wax and shape it nicely for me.

My Skin Color, Tone, Type and Acne: My skin color can change dramatically; it all depends on the season and of course how often I go outside in the sun. The lightest shade I’ve ever been is a light medium (Like Jessica Alba) and the darkest was a dark brown? (Like Tyra Banks), but for the most part I’m a medium tan color right now. You might be wondering why I can have varying shades, and it’s simple, it’s my Ethnicity. My Japanese side allows me to have a light complexion while my Hawaiian and Filipina allows me to tan quite easily sometimes too easily. Even with sunscreen if I sit under the sun for an hour I will be 2 shades darker.
Now my skin tone, it’s been quite a battle for me figuring out my true skin tone was. I’m mostly Asian so you would think a yellow tone would be it. Well it’s a yes and no. Let me further elaborate, the darker my skin becomes the more neutral tone it is. Although the lighter I get the more yellow I am. It was super confusing for me for a while there to, I felt like nothing can be matched. But finally really examining my skin tone over the years I finally know what’s going down LOL.
Moving on to skin type, it’s one that varies from the season and the humidity level. Usually in the dry winter months, my skin is quite dry everywhere, but have a bit of oily-ness in the middle of the forehead. Spring it’s the same thing expect if it’s a rainy spring the oily-ness of my forehead and nose become more … oily LOL, at least by the end of the day my forehead it quite shiny. Summer can also vary depending if it’s a dry summer or a wet one. Fall is the most constant I tend to peel in the beginning, because my face is getting drier, and from then on it seem like I have normal skin till of course winter.
I have type 2 adult acne. I never ever had problem with acne as a teen, I would occasionally have a pimple here or there, but it would be a very rare occurrence. I think when I turned 18 I started to have on and off problems with acne. For then on its kinda gotten worse, it’s definitely way worse then I was ever use to, but it could be much more problematic. To be quite honest I’m still learning about acne in general and still on the hunt for products that are right fit for me.
Skin Care Routine: I'm still in the process of getting my skin routine perfectly molded for me. So there are some holes in my routine.
Usually I wash my face in the morning and in the shower (typically at night before bed). Every time I wash my face I use a manual face brush, it doesn't exfoliate my face (like you think it would), but it get in my pores helping remove the excess dirt, oil, and left over makeup. I always moisturize after I wash my face, and I use and eye cream. I exfoliate once a week and I do a mask once a week (never on the same day BTW).

The way I remove my makeup is a process: I use makeup remover wipe to remove my face makeup, I use EVOO and cotton rounds to remove my eye makeup and lipstick, and then I use my manual face brush and cleanser to remove excess makeup off my face.

Natural Hair Color & Type: My natural hair color is black, but over the years my hair is quite lighter than before. I guess most of that can be blamed by the sun. Has a result I have brown highlights on the top portion of my head.
My hair is not thin but it isn't thick neither, I'm pretty much in-between. It’s naturally straight, and past shoulder length, I would say its medium length hair. My scalp is a little bit oily in the summer and dry in the winter, but usually in-between those times my hair is pretty normal. It isn't anything unbearable, so I'm super grateful! (^_^) With my hair I suffer from lack of volume and cow licks. It could be a lot worst though.

Hair Care Routine: My hair is not at all high maintenance. I usually try to get a trim every 3-6 months, well I guess depending on how busy I get and sometimes I forget and then a few months later I notice it got quite a lot of split ends. I don't do too much to my hair heat wise just cuz I’m lazy. If anything I let it fall naturally most of the time. If I really want to get fancy, I put it in a tight bun or curlers over night and in the morning reveal natural beach-y waves or nice spiral curls. Depending on which method I use, of course. At times I will like to use a waver. Overall I really try to stay away from heat for my hair, only once in a blue moon I will use heat, but I would rather find heatless and over the night alternatives. FYI if I do use heat in my hair I try my best to protect it so I use a heat protector every time.
Style: My style is causal and eclectic. I definitely have a thing for zombies, vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein, skulls, eyeballs, Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, Domo, Sailor Moon, studs, floral print, and lace.
I tend to draw towards the color black (You can never go wrong with black) I find it to be seducing, slimming, and can be worn with any color. Though I’m not to shy about colors either. I’m blessed with a good skin color and can usually pull off any color I want. Anything I put on is based on my mood and if I feel comfortable with it. Being comfortable is a huge must for me, if I don’t feel good, I don’t wear it. It’s as simple as that.

Key pieces in wardrobe:

I feel cardigans are a staple to have in your wardrobe and I got lots of them, let me tell you LOL I pretty much wear cardigans on the daily (expect summer time that is). Cardigans can change your look on how there adorned, what there made out of made out of, or how you dress it.

(Cami w/ a shelf bra and Tanks)
I have so many camis and tanks; you may think it’s a problem. Layering is a staple for me, camis and tanks are prefect for that or even just to wear alone.

Now I always said if you’re going to buy a cami get one with a shelf bra or built in bra. I feel you reach a whole new level of comfort with that added fabric and elastic LOL. You can wear one without a bra (which is a life saver during the hot summer months) or get extra support (You know what I mean you big busted ladies you LOL)

(Multi-use or Multi-way Bras)
I don’t think ladies understand the importance of a good … no scratch that … an AWESOME BRA!

At the age of 10 I had to learn the trade of bras (I developed really early). As a young developing girl bras were just weird and uncomfortable, but has my bust line grew I found that my boobs were weighting me down (hurting my back) and my bra help support them up and relive some weight off my back.

When I ever recommend getting a first bra, I say get a plain nude (no print or embellishment) and that’s multi-use or multi-way. The nude color goes with everything and the muti-way can help depending on your attire: spaghetti strap, halter, strap-less, razor back a muti-way accommodates for all of that.

After a nude color I suggest getting your plain white and black (again no print or embellishment), then if you feel like you need more, you can opt for one with embellishment or one with a cute print.

Has for getting bras with an underwire, extra padding, and/or coverage is totally up to you. It’s all about comfort and something you want that’s comfortable to you.

Astrological (Zodiac/Star) Sign: I was born on a cusp of Virgo and Libra. (Description of a “Vibra”) The Virgo/Libra Cusp is approximately from dates September 20 to September 25 and is ruled by both Ceres and Venus with the elements of earth and air. It is mostly an interpersonal sign and a summer and fall sign. This sign is considered to be a neutral, ambiverted, and androgynous sign. The Virgo/Libran, also known as "Vibra", are thought to be excellent arbitrators, industrious, modest, efficient, go-getter, charming, see all sides of a situation, ambivert, practical, logical, rational, attractive, meticulous, diligent, hard-working, ambitious, intellectual, even-tempered, great communicators, perfectionist, idealistic, peaceable, urbane, charming, diplomatic, polite, mannerful, clean, open-minded, fair, playful, romantic, and devoted. The Virgo/Libran is prone to being aloof, unfair, easily influenced, self-indulgent, quarrelsome, fussy, worrier, insecure, doubting themselves, a hypochondriac (a person who worries and talks excessively about their health), fickle, and indecisive. Also known as the Cusp of Beauty. 

Favorite Brands? (Not in a particular order) Too Faced, Kat Von D, Stila, Milani, Jordana, Sonia Kashuk, E.L.F, Queen Helene, L.A. Colors, L.A. Girl, Burt’s Bees, Wet n Wild, Physicians Formula

Favorite Products? Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow and Liner in Brown Eyes, L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art, Ardell False Lashes, Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Milani Blush with Brush in Mai Tai
Favorite Scents? I love a lot of scents from Bath and Body Works like: Midnight Pomegranate, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Sweet Pea, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and Dark Kiss. I also love Victoria’s Secret Scent in Love Spell.
Favorite Hobbies? I love to D.I.Y, read manga, watch anime, watch movies and shows with the hubs, play games, (this might sound strange but …) I love to organize things, and of course blog my little heart out o(^^)o
Favorite type of Music? Really I love all types of music! It's truly hard to choose one genre. But I tend to gravitate towards R&B, Alternative, and Indie ♪(´ε )
Favorite Color? I usually change my favorite color every season; I guess I can get bored with the same color. But there is a color in particular I go back to often and it’s lilac.
Favorite Season? Fall all the way baby!!!!
Favorite Quote? There are so many I think of but my top 5 are ...
"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it" -Confucius
"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." -Abraham
"Learn as if you were going to love forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow." -Mahatma Gandhi
"Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use." -Ruth Gordon
"A true friend is a like bra; they're close to your heart and they give you support."
Favorite Food? Shit what foods don't I like?!? I love in general Japanese, Chinese, Pilipino, Hawaiian, Italian cuisine!! oh yeah (*^^*) and cereal LOL!! Sorry but to pick one food I like is way too hard, I'm a foodie for sure!!
Favorite Animal? Ever since I can remember pigs were my favorite animal. Why you might ask, I don't really know why. I think they are so freaking cute! Baby and in adult life. I also like the Honey Badger, there super cute and hella bad ass!
Favorite time of day, day of week, month of year? 9:00pm to 12:00am, Wednesday or Sunday, September (because it’s my birthday month)
What Camera do you use for your pictures? I usually use the camera on my iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 does take pretty great pictures, but daylight helps a lot. The one thing my phone does not take good pictures of is black, bright, and sparkly clothing pieces. I try but it looks terrible. Soon I will upgrade my iPhone and have a better camera or even better get a camera with awesome quality. I guess we will see LOL.
If you can meet anyone living or dead who would it be? Aaliyah!!!!!! Loved her since I can remember, she was my idol. DMX said “She was an angel on earth and I can see why god would want her close to him.” and I believe that. See inspired me; she was the ultimate entertainer, a singer a dancer an actress. She was truly beautiful inside and out.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me please go ahead and do so. You can drop your question in the comment section below, or you can e-mail it to me, twit me, or even ask on my Tumblr. Which ever method you prefer.

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