Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Two Special Tabs! Harmful & Safe Ingredients Lists

Hey Beautifuls! Happy Wednesday!
I've been on a rampage with researching. What? You might ask. Well, ingredients. Ingredients in are products, are beauty products. From skincare to hair care and everything in between.
The reason for this sudden interest was due to this amazing video:
The Story of Cosmetics

If you just watch it, it opened your eyes a bit. Isn't scary how lax cosmetic companies are with the ingredients put in there products!?!
I know it made me think and actually review the ingredients in the products I use now.
I never paid attention to any of this stuff before, unless I start to hear from every which direction that is bad and it causes cancer. Like parabens! I know I had no clue, until I heard it from every media outlet that it’s a toxin that can cause cancer. But still cosmetics companies today still use parabens in there product ( ;)
Well I'm done with that silliness and I’ll pay more attention to ingredients!
Still though, what the hell are most of those ingredients, I can't even pronounce 99% of it!
That's why I came up with the idea of compiling a list of ingredients that are bad for you, and should stay away from. Besides telling you what ingredients are harmful to you, I will also state what they can do to you and why do these brands include such ingredients to there product(s).
Because I'm such a optimist LOL! I also wanted to compile a list of ingredients that are actually safe, and even beneficial! Believe it or not there are "good" ingredients out there (^.^) and you deserve to know of them like the toxic ingredients, seemingly looming everywhere.
So you will find these lists up where the tabs are. They are appropriately named, Harmful Ingredients List and Safe Ingredients List.
If you're a lazy one, you can find the Harmful Ingredients List HERE
And the Safe Ingredients List HERE
Right now I've only list 3 ingredients per list, but no fear it will grow!
Once a week I will add another "harmful ingredient" on Mondays and a "safe ingredient" on Fridays
I'll make sure to highlight the ingredient I added that week. On top of that I'll try to announce on Twitter and Instagram that I've added another ingredient to the lists.

Before I go! I wanted to tell you all I have a kik! My username is DeathByDizzy (like most of my social media pages). Special “Thank You” to Maria from Venus Loves Virgo for the link.

Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
(^з^)- Dizzy
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  1. YUCK! I read a lot of things about what they add to cosmetics, almost forget about it. I don't like that they use urea in creams, ill! I bet some brands lie and don't even tell us what's. in the stuff.

    hey, cool you joined Kik, add me to your list and message me later, Im VenusLovesVirgo

    1. Sometime they do leave out ingredients. Usually in frangences, because they can say its a trade secret.

  2. Im glad you update this info, I have been slacking off on my cruelty free links because every time I turn around another brand loses its CF status! I hate that! XOXO