Monday, November 12, 2012

Lana Del Rey “Paradise” Edition of "Born to Die"

Hey Beautifuls!
My favorite artist of this year is releasing the “Paradise” edition of "Born to Die" tomorrow (the 13th) here in the US and my peeps in the UK the album released today! SHIT, YOU’RE JUST TOO LUCKY!!
I’ve Pre-Ordered the edition on iTunes and listened to a few of her songs on YouTube. I truly think these are the best songs so far. I’ve been anticipating this edition for a while now.
LOL I actually have the song “Dark Paradise” in my ear while doing this post ♪(*^^)o*o(^^*)♪ 
Any who, here is a few videos I embed from YouTube from her new album and I also included the official audio & music video of "Ride", and the H&M Commercial, where she sang her rendition of “Blue Velvet”.

If you’re a big Lana Del Rey fan like I am σ(^_^) make sure to support her and buy her new album, you can get it from:
You can get the album in stores too, IDK where though, but if I had to guess I think it would be at Best Buy or Target?
If anyone knows for sure, be sure to post in the comments below. It would be extremely helpful to me and others (*^_^*)

Oh and before I forget you can check out Lana Del Rey’s YouTube Channel HERE, you can listen to her new songs and see her new music videos.
You can also go to her vevo HERE, usually they have all her music videos and usually post it up before she does, that is if she does.

Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
(^з^)- Dizzy
P.S. Thoughts on Lana Del Rey? Love Or Hate Her?

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  1. I lover her sound, her voice and her style even if she sings weird sometimes. You know what I mean? When she is performing, lol!
    Fabulous post, thanks for all the links xoxo

    1. LOL I know what you mean! She has a unique voice, many layers. I just love her!!

  2. I think she can sing.. although not my kind of music lol. Fair enough that you support her :D

    1. Different strokes for different folks LOL

  3. I think she is a wonderful artist.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    P.S. I'm having a Giveaway for a set of Nail Polishes, a Clutch, and Necklace/Earring Set.

  4. i'm not a fan, but i don't hate her either. i think she's really beautiful, though! :)

    <3, Mimi