Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween! {Makeup Look & OOTD included}

Okay I know I'm hella late posting this but a few things came up. I was actually going to post this on Halloween Day, but whateves can't do nothing about it now.
Anyways this Halloween fell on a Wednesday, obviously right! LOL
So I’m sure everybody did there partying, checking out haunted houses (or corn mazes or hay rides), decorating, and costume shopping these past weekends, the same goes for me σ(^_^)

Well, before doing anything I did a bit of costume shopping with the hubs and some friends.
If you’re not having fun costume shopping you’re not doing something right!! (_)

I think one of the best Halloween related things I did this year was attend a couple haunted houses; 1st the 13th floor and 2nd the asylum.
Both haunted houses were super fun, but the asylum was the scarier out of the two. Though, the 13th floor was fun cuz it was longer ( ^ ^ )/

One thing they both shared was the remarkable work done on there haunted houses and the special effects on the people working there … I took a picture with a zombie cuz he looked so freaking awesome!!!
I guess I caught him on break (were in front of one of the roach coaches ha-ha). Oh and at the 13th floor the freaking vehicle from Ghost Busters and the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo showed up when I was in line to get tickets, they were also playing their theme songs too ♪(*^^)o*o(^^*)♪ LOL I couldn’t help but to sing along too … I know dork status!!
Usually I like to spend my actual Halloween day watching scary movies with the hubs, or laugh at them(≧∇≦). I think in all my years of watching so called ”scary movies” I never found one to be scary, and I have watched many, many, many scary movies in my time. Well to be honest I do find “It” to be scary just cuz I have a legitimate fear of clowns but that’s be side the point, scary movies aren’t scary! There really an extension or sub category of a comedy … in my opinion.

Anyways getting off track and rambling … I really had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to be for Halloween this year as of every year LOL. For me I hate being a slutty Halloween cliché, I like to have clothes on (it’s usually cold on Halloween in Colorado), and I want it to be easy (stressing over a costume and look is just silly).

I had a few ideas in mind: a Pink Lady, a Sugar Skull, or one of the dead MUHAHAHAHA!!

Like these last few years my hubby has been coming up with pretty good ideas for me or rather us, and this year he wants to be in a chain gang, or a group of people that busted out of prison LOL. The hubs had a prison costume (since high school) that never fitted him right, so that kinda inspired the idea. Well he gave me that costume to wear, and he bought a new one, that fitted him properly.

Are friends didn’t take to the idea, so me and hubby are the only “Chain Gang” members LOL. I guess others didn’t look good in orange?

The Makeup:
I’m a bad ass bitch or boss-man’s ride or die chick with tons of dark makeup going on LOL
- N.Y.C Classic Brow & Liner Pencil in Sable
- Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar
- Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
- Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Virgin (inner corner/tear duct area)
- Urban Decay Cream Eyeshadow in Midnight Rodeo (lid and inner lower lash line)
- Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy (pit it on top of Midnight Rodeo)
- Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Zero mixed with Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Cholita (outer v, crease, and outer lower lash line)
- Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Stingray (for tight lining)
- E.L.F Dramatic Lash Kit
- Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion in Pore Perfecting
- Maybelline New York Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation
- Bare Minerals Matte SPF15 Foundation in Medium Deep (to contour my cheek bone, nose, and jaw line)
- N.Y.C Classic Brow & Liner Pencil in Sable (to emphasize my Monroe beauty mark)
- Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Zero & N.Y.C Classic Brow & Liner Pencil in Dark Brown (to line my lips and filled it in)
- Revlon Lustrous Lipstick Pearl in Iced Amethyst
- Urban Decay Ultraglide Lip-Gloss in Hustle

The Costume:
I had a basic black long sleeved v-neck top.
Underneath I had a black cami with a lace trim on the top half making look like I had frilly bra underneath. LOL just slutting it up!
I’m wearing the prison suit as a pant/sweats and tied the top half around my hips.
I have my black high top Nikes on.
The accessories I made.
The necklace was originally a wallet chain attachment, but I took the hook thing off and had a mini handcuff set to close it together, creating the cool necklace piece.
The toothbrush A.K.A "The Shank" is a regular dollar store toothbrush, it came in a 5 pack. I shaved the tip down against concrete to make a point. Apparently that's how they really do it in prison LOL. Don't worry though it wasn't sharp enough to truly hurt anyone, trust me I think I shanked everybody in that party LOL

Oh and my nails are just a dark bluish purple with loads of sparkle.
This Halloween I really wanted to spend no money at all, and I fulfilled that. Everything I wore or made was originally mine for god knows how long.
I think if you have no money to spend for Halloween use what you got, do a bit of D.I.Y magic and you got a costume to sport. Make sure to save your costumes and such to eventually use again or inspire a new costume to D.I.Y. seriously I highly doubt people will recognize if it’s the same costume you wore a couple years ago.

Pictures from Halloween Party:

So I decided to include my sisters Halloween look and nails too.
I freaking love her nails! So cute!

Hoped you had a frightastic Halloween MUHAHAHA! ψ(`∇´)ψ Till Next Time!
(^з^)- Dizzy

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  1. wow, looks like such a fun halloween!!! :D

    <3, Mimi
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    1. It was!!

      Oh had no idea u were doing giveaways, I'll make sure to enter ASAP! Thx for the heads up hun!

  2. AWESOME POST! I see you posted the Spidy pics ;)
    I seriously have to buy that Revlon lipstick, it's freaking gorgeous. And so is that nail polish shade.
    You sound like you had a great time at all those places. My Halloween sucked. Oh well, next year LOL

    1. THANK YOU!
      No the nail color is a mixture of 3 polishes; a dark purple, a sheer pink with blue sheen, and a clear glitter polish to top it off.
      I'm so sorry to hear that it sucked, I know Sandy was really kicking butt there. I'm praying for the people in NY.

  3. Your skin is FLAWLESS! Love that striking makeup - so sexy! Your halloween pics are so scary yet fun!

    1. OMG Thanks! It's hardly flawless tho, the awesome power of makeup LOL

  4. Thanks for all your comments Dizzy! It looked like you had a very fun Halloween, awesome makeup!

    1. Your welcome hun! and thank you 8)

  5. Was admiring that blue nail look again XOXO