Monday, October 8, 2012

[Updates] Since I’ve Been Gone

Hey Beautifuls!
So many things happened when I was gone. I kinda want to recap on events that mattered to me the most and I think you would be interested in some of the news I give you too!

Comic Con Denver 2012
So the biggest highlight when I was gone was that I attended the 1st ever Denver Comic Con! (*^^*) OH YES!!! 
And let me tell you it was FREAKIN' AWESOME!!

Because this 1st year was so successful, Comic Con Denver 2013 is on!! *WOOT WOOT* (((o(**)o))) my excitement is so hard to contain!!! 

You bet this time around I’ll get V.I.P tickets as soon has it becomes available. Fuck lines LOL!

Anyways here are some pictures from the 3 day event. I will  also included pictures of the merchandise the hubs and I got!! 

F.Y.I I won't post all the pics I took, just because it would be so long in addition to this long ass post already. I'm actually thinking of posting them in my Tumblr. IDK yet what I will decide to do.

Urban Decay not Cruelty Free
So on June 7th I read a post, on Venus Loves Virgo, that Urban Decay was no longer going to be cruelty free. Maria (Venus Loves Virgo) also provided Urban Decay's very cryptic statement. You can find the post ---> HERE
At 1st I was extremely shocked (_), then in denial, which quickly turned to rage, finally I calmed myself down and did some digging around. Which was helpful on understanding why they did what they did, because there statement was so weird and contradicting? I pretty much needed something clearer or dumbed down (I guess).
So Urban Decay (I.E. Wende Zomnir) was pretty much selling out ψ(´)ψ. For years they have been advocating and priding themselves as cruelty free and for women's rights. But for some odd reason they woke up one day a decided to market there line in China, and in China selling products there must be animal tested due to there law. Urban Decay threw their morals away to get more money, and the worst thing, trying to justify it.
Anyways most of you know all that, but when I was digging around I found out before Urban Decay released there statement, they have been product testing before anything was said, so the "new spring line" was not at all Cruelty free. And on top of that if you have read the statement Urban Decay made it sound like they were going to and/or haven't yet sold to china yet. But in fact a line for the Chinese had been already out 2 months prior to the release of there statement. Oh yea, some sneaky shit there trying to pull!

Urban Decay reverting back to Cruelty Free attitude?

So with the negative attention and even threat of long time costumers refusing to buy UD again. Urban Decay decided China was a bad route (or loss of money then gaining) and decided not the fully go thru the whole China thing. Some people decided this was just a bad bump in the road and returned to being faithful UD costumers, but others like me σ(^_^) decided the lies, the deceit and clearly the greed was enough to permanently say good bye. If they are so easily flopped I just can't trust and ultimately support them. Urban Decay was the company who turned me to a cruelty free user and it's a shame they turn back from there morals. Don't get me wrong I will still use the UD products I have, because it's still cruelty, but once it's gone, that's it! Sorry Urban Decay ... but you lost a faithful and long time customer... ( ̄ー ̄)

Urban Decay new ingredient!?!

So many of you may not know this but upon Urban Decay's time spent in China, they brought a new ingredient back which is found in the eyeshadows, UD calls it PTFE But its real name is TEFLON!
Does that sound familiar to you? Well it should because it's the non-stick coating you find in pans! YES YOU’RE FREAKING COOKING PANS! WTF!! Umm IDK about you guys but I ain't putting that shit on my eyes no matter how fucking pretty it makes me!! So know the new individual pop out eyeshadows, there new palettes has it, just look at the ingredient list. If you are still a UD buyer it so important you know this because TEFLON can be extremely harmful to you and your pets, especially if you have birds in your household. The reason I found this out was through a YouTuber, lukehard242, here’s the very helpful video I recommend you watching

Make sure to show some love and subscribe to lukehard242. He has very informative videos on cruelty free products, and lets you know the news of cruelty free brands going back on being cruelty free.

I hate to be the person to tell people what to do and choose the brands there using, but in all honesty at the end of the day it’s your body and your choices! I'm just giving you factual information and it's up to you on how you take it and apply it to your life. Knowledge is power!

Sailor Moon debut in 2013
In the name of the moon I will punish you!!! lOl
So as a child I watched every sailor moon episode till it abruptly stopping airing in the US (I watched the rest in 2009 or 2010 I believe on YouTube.) you wouldn't believe my admiration for Sailor Moon and how much it taught me to stick by your friends and overall, be a good honest person you can possibly be, and no matter how me bad guys are thrown in your path you can defeat them while staying true to yourself! I’ve bought countless sailor Moon merchandise, and lost a lot of them ( T_T) through out the years but I will never forget the best times and memories Sailor Moon has given me and how it brought my mom, sister, and I together when my parents were separated °°(_)°°....well enough of the sappy bullshit ...
Sailor Moon is rebooting in 2013!!!! *・゜゚・*:....:*'(**)'*:.. ..:*・゜゚・*
And no it's not a movie it's an actual series!! Of course the series will 1st air in Japan and then the English Dubbed version for the US and Canada with come next and so forth to other countries in there languages. But I have no idea when the dubbed version will come out? But I'm sure while it's airing in Japan a Subbed version will follow in a week online or YouTube to be specific. There isn't too much info released yet but as this year comes to and end we will hear more about it. And for sure I will be on top of it and update all of you.
And in honor of Sailor Moon I was heavily debating making another blog just about Sailor Moon, and watching all the episodes and movies again (and reviewing them) till the English release of Sailor Moon comes out. On this blog I will also feature some awesome Sailor Moon merchandise I get, and have inspired looks, and makeup looks too. Unfortunately I don’t know for sure if I will or not, but I will make my final decision by the beginning of 2013.

No Doubt and Brandy Is Back!!!
So on a different and upbeat note Freaking Brandy and No Doubt are back!!
*・゜゚・*:....:*'(**)'*:.. ..:*・゜゚・*
I remember brandy for Moesha and I knew some of her music, I never would of expected she would be back and as for No Doubt!! Geez what can I say about No Doubt but there freaking awesome together. My sister and I love No Doubt, because of are mom. I remember she would sing karaoke all the time and the song she often sang the most was “Don’t Speak” from No Doubt!!

So here is Brandy's break out song "Put it Down featuring Chris Brown”

Personally I like this song and the video was okay, I mean it was visually stimulating, but sometimes I felt like it was to much.
Anyways, Brandy knows how to look sexy without being slutty. She is definitely a classy lady.

And here is No Doubt's "Settle Down"

I'm so pleased with this song and video, No Doubt is sticking to what they did best in the past, and make this great eclectic sound!
And doesn't Gwen look fab! Granite I don't personally like the cosmetic brand she supports, but her beauty just radiates, it's like time stood still for her.

My 22nd Birthday
22 on 22, isn't that a golden year for somebody to be the age of there day of birth?

So a little while ago my birthday came and gone. This year my birthday was quite chill and scattered for sure, I think in a span of 3 weeks I had 3 separate dinners/lunches type deal with friends & family and a night out *WOOT WOOT* lOl
Anyways I bought a few things for myself. I definitely didn’t splurge as much as I have in the prior years before. Its cuz I’m saving up for something special, and of course you guys will get to see it soon (^-^)!

So that’s it for now, or at least things that mattered to me. Regular posts will start next week.
Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
(^з^)- Dizzy



    Oh shizzz, didn't know all this stuff about UD secretly selling in China? And teflon? What? I will be adding a post about it. How sneaky is that?

    Love your photos xoxo

    1. Thx Hun! Your just so sweet!

      Hell yeah I'll be look forward to that post!

  2. The giveaway post is now up! Come and enter!

    And THANKS for the kind words XOXO

    btw...I explained about the AH series on the comment you left :)


    We can discuss how creepy good the show is when it starts xoxo

  4. Wish your sister a Happy Birthday from me XOXO

    1. I will Thx, I'm sure it will make her day 8)

  5. wow, 22 on 22? that is awesome!!! :D

    <3, Mimi
    LensVillage Giveaway

  6. DO you always go to Comic-Con? I always wanted to go there, what's it like? xoxo

    1. This was actually my 1st year going and Denver’s 1st Comic Con convention as well. I always wanted to go to the one in California but got busy around the time of the event.
      I would always watch the Comic Con event thru the TV, on g4 and such. It always looked magical to me LOL.
      Well each Comic Con is a little different from another, some have been around more than others so there for more sponsors and more commercialized. But in general each Comic Con is like a nerd fest. There are lots of comic books. Lots of artists selling there prints or there art stuff in general. Lots of games for the PC to the Wii, PS3, and Xbox, there are actors and actress that will come to event and met fans (Typically stars from sci-fi genre type shows). Oh there are tons of people who cosplay and there is usually a contest on the best cosplay. Also they have little things on the side like have a film view type deal or one they had were you can learn zombie survival tactics (that was fun!).
      All I mentioned was just the tip of an iceberg there is so much more that goes on in comic con and it really is fun! The only I thing anybody would complain about comic con is the walking, trust me by the end of the day your feet will be sore. And Comic is usually about a 3 day event, so be prepared LOL

  7. Lol, I love a great Sci-fi nerd fest! I have suck ass friends who would probably think this is lame so I can't go by myself, ugh! But I will try to make it a priority one day. I need to friend some sci-fi lovers first. Lol! It sounds tiring but fun at the same time. I heard you can score a lot of cool merchandise that you can't get in the stores. Thanks for explaining git all dizzy! XOXO