Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dizzy's Belated Birthday Hauling-ness {Part #1 out of 3}!!!

This year for my Birthday I definitely spoiled myself so I won’t overwhelm you on everything I got in one sitting, so I’m splitting my b-day haul in to 3 parts. Let’s get started shall we:

So I’m I totally screwed myself and broke my promise of not buying anything un-necessary until my birthday. Oh well though, the damage has been done and the culprit is the Hot Topic Website (So easy to blame someone else isn’t it!? LOL)
Anyways, I really saved big on this purchase. Besides the sale on the items I got I added a 20% discount code, which I got from You ladies who love to shop online should really take the time to check it out. is an awesome place where you can simply find or share discount codes for almost all online stores.
Say I didn’t get anything on sale, my total purchase would have been $327.86 USD and that includes shipping and sale tax as well.
And if I minus the sale Hot topic was having for some of there merchandise it would come out to $224.82 USD and that includes the shipping, sale tax, and shipping discount. 
Still a lot HUH … so do you want to know want I spent after my coupon code was applied … drum roll please … I spent $183.44 USD. I saved $144.42 USD by being a savvy shopper teehee 
If you aren’t looking for sales or coupons you should start now by just seeing how much cash I saved and little time and effort is definitely worth it for sure!
So enough of the gloating of how much I saved and onto what I got:

{Blue Animal Print Platform Heels $18.38 USD} & {Red Animal Print Platform Heels $18.38 USD} & {Yellow Animal Print Platform Heels $9.19 USD}
Description of Products = Go wild wearing these cute and daring animal print platform heels. 5 1/2" heel; 2" platform. Man-made materials.
My Thoughts = These bad boys were love at 1st glance! I knew I had to get them. They have Dizzy written allover ‘em. Though this heels are bad ass, there a bit uncomfortable to wear. So on my spare time you will catch me wearing these babies to break them in.
 I love the boxes they came in it reminds me of an old school or vintage shoes packaged in a box with a removable lid ha I’m a dork.
The Blue Animal Print Platform Heels have to be my favorite by far; the color combo just meshes so well. 
The Red Animal Print Platform Heels isn’t a red. It’s actually a red based coral, it really pretty in person, but it same my camera is making it look pink … how unfortunate 8(
The Yellow Animal Print Platform Heels are the most tone down of the bunch but it still has an added flare to it don’t you think?
The best thing about these heels is the print! Each shoe has its own color combo of leopard print.
As you can see the yellow platforms have a grey accent, the red (or coral) platform has a lavender accent, the blue platform has a light dusty blue accent.

{Leopard Print Flat Shoes $5.59 USD} & {Red Leopard Print Flat Shoes $15.99 USD}
Description of Products = A glossy distressed leopard print provides a cool compliment to your style! Man-made materials.
My Thoughts = The past 2 years I’ve been really getting into flats. I’ve been pretty much determined to never buy a plain looking flat, and so far I think I’m accomplishing that well hehe. I know at one point I wanted to a get a leopard print flat, and while scoping for one at Hot Topic I did find one I liked and one in red too.
The unique thing about these flats is that there a pointed toe, I like because it gives my feet a bit of length. I have the tiniest Asian never LOL. 
The leopard print flats have a lovely finish on them; it almost looks like a foiled metallic.
Out of the 2 my favorite has to be the red leopard print flats. I don’t know what it is but the fall season as really inspired me to love red again ha-ha
So I don’t know about you, but I use my shoe boxes to store my shoes in.
So seeing a couple shoe boxes crushed from delivery bummed me out. No bueno!
As you can see I had to type it up, so I’ll see if that holds or not … probably no -_-

{Vans Black And Pixel Slip-Ons $23.18 USD}
Description of Product = These slip-ons have an allover black and white pixel print. White rubber outsoles with black trim. Man-made materials. Listed in men's sizes.
My Thoughts = Love these low top slip-ons, but unfortunately there kinda hard to put on. I definitely can’t just slip it on. Maybe I just have to break it in?
What I wasn’t expecting out of these shoes was it being more colorful than I thought.
The Hot Topic website you see the lining of the shoe was yellow …
… but in fact the bottoms of the shoes were green …
… and the tag or logo design at the heel of the shoe is blue. 

{Machine Blue Bleach Splatter Ripped Jeggings $9.80 USD}
Description of Product = These super skinny blue bleach splattered pull-on denim leggings feature five pocket styling and rip accents. 28" inseam, 9" leg opening,97% cotton, and 3% spandex.
My Thoughts = AHH these jeans are what I’ve been looking for a while now. I just adore the ripped jean effect down the front of the jeans! To me the ripped jeans is better looking worn than not, so just imagine with me on how it will look LOL. I’ll make sure to remember to take a picture with them on when I where them again, and show you all 8)

Plus, the most awesome part of these jeans are that there jeggings and there so so so comfortable to wear.

{Machine Black Tie Dye Stretch Jeggings $9.80 USD}
Description of Product = These super skinny black tie dye pull-on denim leggings feature five pocket styling and rip accents. 28" inseam, 9" leg opening, 97% cotton, and 3% spandex
My Thoughts = I’m absolutely in love with the tie dye beached effect on these jeggings, it’s so unique I can’t help but to adore it.

The added bonus is that it’s super comfortable to wear.

{JET John Eshaya Grey Safety Pin Destroyed Skinny Jeans $31.60 USD}
Description of Product = These grey skinny jeans feature distressed and destroyed details with black safety pins, 5-pocket styling, stitch lightning bolt back pockets and a zip and button fly. 32" inseam, 10" leg opening, 73% cotton, 25% polyester, and 2% spandex
My Thoughts = I know I could of made any ordinary jeans like this one I have bought, but I have been in a DIY rut for a while now, and why not you know 8)
Don’t you just love the butt design on these pants … SO CUTE!!

{Light Blue White Paint Splatters Skinny Jeans $23.62 USD}

Description of Product = These light blue skinny jeans feature a subtle bleach wash, white paint splatters, contrast stitch detailing and stud grommets. 32" inseam, 11" leg opening, 97% cotton, and 3% elastane
My Thoughts = I Love the destroyed look of these jeans, the piece-y type look is a nice touch for these jeans!
I especially like the brass and silver round studs on the butt pocket of the pants.

So that’s it for this 1st part of the haul. Let me know what you think of the purchases that I made and if you happen to know of any more sales or special coupon codes for Hot Topic, not found on

My Favorite part of the song is when she sings: “Whenever you tell me I'm pretty. That's when the hunger really hits me. You're little heart goes pitter patter. I want your liver on a platter. Use your finger to stir my tea. and for dessert I'll suck your teeth. Be too sweet and you'll be a goner. I'll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer”  LOL I know I’m so morbid
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Hope You Enjoyed This Haul. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy


  1. I love that you splurged for yourself on your birthday! I would do the same too :D
    That's a lot of shoes that you got and those heels are killers, they're really fierce!

  2. It's good to splurge on yourself from time to time. expecially on your birthday! :)

    omg, i love those leopard print pumps. super duper cute! very unique and definitely to die for.


  3. wow i think this is what you call shoe heaven! You can never have enough shoes hehe

  4. Wow that's an amazing birthday haul!!
    Those shoes are gorgeous Dizzy :D xx

  5. wow, yay for your birthday!!! your birthday hauls are out of this world, it's amazing! :)

    <3, Mimi

  6. Wow, I am enjoying your birthday hauls!:D These are fun pairs of shoes.;D

    ***** Marie *****
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