Thursday, September 22, 2011

My B-Day + Update+ Reeni’s 2011 Homecoming Makeup Look

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry for the un-expected absence. Things got way to hectic way to fast for me; I just couldn’t spare any time to blog, I’m having withdrawal symptoms now LOL. I hope you guys can forgive me. I’ll try my hardest to comment on all your posts I have missed this passed 2 weeks. 

Anyways today is a special day … It’s my 21st birthday!! I can believe the day is here. The next birthday’s to come are nothing to be overly excited about, expect when I turn 22, cuz that’s just my favorite number LOL I know I’m a weird-o.

Yea so I really don’t plan to drink to much, but it seem like all my friends and family want to give me an iv of alcohol in my blood stream, they just keep saying how fucked up I’m going to be and that scares me LOL

When I was a teenager (God I feel old saying that) I was a heavy partier and drinker, despite the fact I was underage, you’ll be surprised the shit you can get if you know people. So what I’m saying is I feel like the partier within me kinda died, when I ended at a hospital due to alcohol poisoning. But who knows maybe it will awaken again, however I will be a responsible drinker. And I can’t stress that enough, (I know I did) but please do not drink if your underage, and if you are of age please make sure you do drink responsibly.

So enough of that … to what this post was supposed to be about ha-ha …

I know I usually do a makeup look on the day of my b-day, but really I didn’t feel like, this week has been super busy, and I’m planning to celebrate my birthday this weekend and the next LOL. I do plan on posting my “belated” b-day makeup look or looks on October 1st (the 2nd year anniversary of my blog). I will also post an official Day of Autumn on the 1st of October as well in the mean time enjoy my other season inspired makeup looks I did:

Reeni’s 2011 Homecoming Makeup Look
My sister and I have been brain-storming for over a week before her Homecoming on what we should do for her makeup. And we pretty much ended up doing the same look we did last year, just with different colors and a few tweaks.

If you happened to have read that post last year then you would know Reeni (my sister) was nominated for homecoming queen, but unfortunately came out in second place. This year she was nominated again! But this time she won! I’ m just so excited for her, and I feel it was well deserved. The thing that sucked for her winning is she didn’t get a crown, I guess getting one is reserved for seniors. She also didn’t get a sash like last year winner did and I know she was looking forward to getting one. What they gave her was a ribbon in the school color…
…and a bouquet of flowers, which I forgot to take a picture of. Oh well though, she won and that’s what really matters most.

So anyways here is the close up her I eye makeup I did:
And here is the list of products I used:

= N.Y.C Classic Brow & Liner Pencil in Dark Brown
= Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar
= Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
= Urban Decay Loose Pigment in Gunmetal (applied all over top lid)
= Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Zero (lined top lash line)
= Dura Lash by Ardell in Flare Medium Black (placed on middle to outer lash line)
= Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Deviant (applied on lower waterline)
= BH Cosmetics 120 Palette (mixed 2 blues and applied on lower lash line)
= Sephora Advanced Lash Booster Mascara Activateur Volume & Extension
= Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara
 I didn’t put any foundation on her because between me her are foundations were to light.
= Milani Minerals Blush with Brush in Mai Tai (applied on cheeks)
 = Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral
= Revlon Lustrous Lip-Gloss in Coral Reef

When I went to her house to do her look I had to put in some work! I did a facial mask on her and exfoliated her face, I painted her nails, plucked her brows, did her hair, and of course her makeup. I should have charged her huh…. LOL JK sis if you reading this ha-ha. 

The hair-do we decided on is a side bun. At 1st the plan was to curl her hair and have it down, but my sister said it looked funny down with her dress. I thought it looked good either way, up or down, but it’s my sister’s day, and I had to oblige. Here is the result of Reeni’s hair:

The nails we did are a combination of colors we tried to match the blue of the ribbon, Reeni won for homecoming. It was her nail polishes so I can’t say for sure what colors I used, but I know one of them is a sinful color brand. Anyways I put on a coat of this dark blue, and then I applied a coat of this sheer iridescent opal color with shimmer and it made this dark blue in to this unique shimmery royal blue color that is an exact match of the ribbon. As you can see from the picture:

Know here is the whole look put together; the dress, the hair, the makeup … everything came out fabulous in my opinion.
I love the last picture it’s just so cute! Reeni was trying to show off her dance moves hehe

Here is a picture of Reeni and her BF. Her BF was so sweet he brought her flowers.

And of course a here are a few random pictures I took
I forgot to bring my mascara this time around and told my sister to apply the ones she had.
LOL oops got caught!
 A close up on her makeup & random picture I found.

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Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy


  1. Hope that by now u are free from all the hecticness :)

    First of all Happy Birthday Dizzy ♥ i wish u all the best , and most of all i wish u love ! i know i am late in wishing you , sorry bout that :(

    And congratulations to your sister for winning Homecoming Queen , both of you are gorgeous effortless

    as for how u work magic with make up , must i say more , you are amazing

    love u :)

    Wishing you an awesome weekend ahead ♥

  2. Happy 21st birthday! Do drink responsibly. You don't want any regrets. 8)

    On the other hand, I'm really loving the bold makeup for homecoming. And congrats to your sister for winning! I love how simple the whole outfit was, because it brought out the face and makeup.

    <33 Rena

  3. You did a wonderful job on your sister - she looks beautiful ^^ Happy 21st!!! hehe i know what you mean about going over 21... on the day i turned 21 I just dreaded turning 22 - mainly because my bday is in Dec haha and the new year is always coming right up!!

  4. Happy birthday, and I love her makeup!!1

  5. i love how dramatic this look is!
    very pretty.

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    To Die For Jewellry Giveaway


  6. Happy Belated Birthday dear!! :D
    I like the makeup look ;) it's lovely!

  7. @ v a m p i r e = Thanks so much! And I'll be sure to tell my sister 8)
    Its okay you’re only a day late, I'm just excited you wished me a happy b-day 8)

    @ Rena = Thank you and I will do 8)

    @ Nic Nic = Thanks! HAHA I never thought of it that way, but we're still young and we have many more years to live ahead of us 8)

    @ Vintage Makeup = Thank you sweetie!

    @ Carrie = Glad you liked it! And I'll make sure to come join your give-a-way 8) thanks for the heads up BTW

    @ MayClover = Thanks so much 8)

    An awesome look! The electric blue is stunning and really pops out. I hope you had the best time and sorry I didn't see this sooner. have a great weekend ! XOXO

  9. @ Venus Loves Virgo = Thanks for the b-day wishes, it makes me fell special hehe