Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just A Little Haul

*Bath and Body Works*
1st thing I happened to get was when I was going to get a mother’s day present for my mother-in-law at bath and body works. They were having a sale on the Aromatherapy Body Lotion (Get 2 & Get 1 Free) so I got 2 of the Aromatherapy Sensuality Body Lotion (Jasmine Vanilla) for my mother-in-law and for the free item I got the Aromatherapy Energy Body Lotion (Orange Ginger), for myself 8D
I really love the scent of this stuff; it wakes you and clears your sinuses.

Next items are out of the norm, but I went to vans and got some socks. These aren’t your ordinary socks though.
The 1st two sets of socks are really low cut for your low top Vans or Converses shoes. If you happen to want to get these socks, make sure to buy the boys socks instead of the girls. Although the girl’s socks have cute little designs, it’s really thin and flimsy compared to the boys socks, plus the boy’s socks last longer in my opinion. I got these low cut socks in black and white and they retail for $6.00 USD each set. Yes that’s pretty expensive for socks, but I think are well worth it, simply because I can’t find any other socks like it with a good quality.
Next socks I got are actually for flats, yes Flats!!! Don’t know about you, but wearing flats bear is weird feeling to me, plus it seems like my feet sweat more, causing my feet kinda slip around in my flats. Not fun to me!!! So I was so excited to get these babies and try them out, and let me tell you, they’re so awesome! I feel more comfortable wearing my flats now, *so happy* Thank to my sister who introduced me to these socks! Oh before I forget to mention, if your flats are snug on you to begin with, don’t wear these flat socks (LOL say that 10 times fast) because you feet will feel cramped, and that’s a no go! These socks retail for $12.00 USD for a set of 2, I know pricey, but will worth it, trust me!

Okay the last item I got from Vans is sunglasses! I lost my last pair, which looked like bug eyed glasses. So I decided to try something new, and got this love:

When I wear this I can’t help to feel like Tom Cruise on Risky Business LOL!! These Glasses Retailed for $10.00 USD (cheap in my opinion). The thing I really don't like about these sunglasses is that you can see my eyes when I'm wearing them (As you can see from the picture above).

Last stop was to Aldo, there isn’t an H&M here in Colorado so the next best thing is ALDO!!!
Since I was already in a sun glass mode, I decided to 2 more pairs. Each one has a different shape, so I can have a little bit of variety in my life. Aldo was having a sale (which really wasn’t a sale) but buy 2 glasses for $20.00 USD instead of $12.00 USD each.
The 1st glasses I happened to grab was so perfect for me, I think I wear it the most out of the 3. I like that the black on the glasses is matte and I love the clear and black combo on the frame, it’s just so super cute!

Next pair my hubby actually spotted for me, the shape of the frame is not what I would gravitate towards, but suits me well.

It’s like I stepped out of a 1960’s beach film! I feel so glamorous wearing these!

So that concludes this little haul, I didn’t really get anything astonishing, but I’m happy with my purchases 8D
Hearing and seeing the video for this song, just brings a smile to my face every time!
I Hope You Enjoyed This Post! Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy


  1. u got some much stuff~! u look pretty in the glasses =D

  2. Great haul, love all the sunglasses!

  3. ooooh, dizzy, you got a lot of good stuff! bath and body works' aromatherapy line is really good. :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. @ Ken --- I don't think it's not that much, but it could be me to lol.
    and thank you for the compliment 8D

    @ Vintage Makeup --- Thank you 8)

    @ Mimi --- I agree I like it so much!

  5. please join my giveaway!

  6. woww you look hot in every single pair of those glasses! I haven't yet found one in my life that suited me!! D:

  7. You've got nice glasses, they really look pretty on you ;)! I still need to look for the 'perfect' one for me :P x

  8. @ Ken --- Thx for letting me know, and I did enter 8)

    @ Chococcuro --- Aww thanks. I'm sure if you keep looking you will find something. Good Luck 8D

    @ MayClover --- Thank you! I'm sure whatever you find will look good 8)