Friday, May 6, 2011

A Typical Asian Makeup Look

You must be wondering what does a typical Asian makeup look like?
I’m not trying to stereo-type or anything, so if you feel a little offended, don’t, cause that’s not really my intension here. Anyways…
It doesn’t matter what type of Asian you are (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc…) this simple type of every day look is quite similar to each other. You’re achieving bright big doll eyes and have an appearance of flawless fair skin.
= With the brows you really want to keep it quite naturally full looking and not harsh or dark. I'm using Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar. I am using the lightest shader for majorly of my brow and using the darker shader for the tail end of my brow and really sparse or bold areas of my brow. Remember to just keep the natural shape of your brow.
= Now with the eyes making them appear bigger and doll like is key, mostly Asian girls like to pop in some circle lens, but I personally think I look kinda creepy with them on, and I honestly hate attempting to put contacts on my eyeballs.
= 1st thing I like to start of with the eyes is with a shimmery white, gold, or neutral toned eyeshadow. Today I choose to use Maui Wowie eyeshadow from Urban Decay, which is a medium gold with silver glitter.
I place this color on the inner corners/tear duct area of my eyes and slightly blend it out to my lid, I also lightly apply Maui Wowie eyeshadow to my brow bone.
= 2nd step is to apply a brown eyeshadow two shades darker than your skin tone. This color will be placed on the outer v area of the eyes and the lower lash line. I’ll be using Urban Decay eyeshadow in Twiced Baked .
= 3rd steps of the eyes are black eyeliner. Now you will need two different types of black eyeliner, a liquid type and a good pencil one that can be smudged.
The liquid liner will be place on the top lash line with either a slight wing, or cat eye, or up to where the end of your lash line is. It’s really up to you what you would like to do. For me I’m using Milani Eye tech and making more of a cat eye liner effect.
With the pencil eyeliner, you would want to place this on the lower lash line starting from the outer part of the lash line bring it in to the middle, but not any further. At this time you want to slightly smudge the liner to soften it up. I’m using Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Zero for this step; it’s really nice to apply, blend out, and it won’t fade throughout the day.
= 4th steps of the eyes are to curl your lashes and applying false lashes to the top and bottom of your lash lines, the bottom lashes are optional. Since I currently don’t have bottom lashes to apply I will substitute this step by applying mascara to the lower lashes.
When you’re looking for false lashes for this look you want to pick lashes that are demi or have like separated or grouped looking feel for your top lash line. Now for the bottom lashes short individual lashes are the best to use, in my opinion.
So what set of lashes I’m using is the Ardell Fashion Lashes in 102 Demi, and the mascara I used is the Urban Decay Big Fatty Waterproof Mascara.
= The 5th and final step of the eyes is to apply white or a flesh toned colored eyeliner to the waterline. This step helps opens and brightens your eyes, making them appear larger.
= Most Asian women have such flawless fair skin; they really don’t need any foundation, maybe a tinted moisturizer at most to even out there skin tone.
= Even though I’m Asian I was not blessed with flawless skin, but it isn’t too bad either. However I still need something with good coverage, so I’m using Revlon Colorstay Foundation, but before hand I applied a foundation base (Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion in Pore Perfecting).
= Lastly I like to apply a light sweep of blush to give my skin some life, instead of looking like one flat color on my face. The blush I used is Milani Minerals Blush with Brush in Mai Tai.
= Typically with the lips I often see lipsticks that are nude, baby pink, or cotton candy colored. I’m going to do a baby pink color on my lips; I 1st applied Revlon’s Lustrous Lipstick in Pink Pout and top it off with Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip-Gloss in Hot Pink.

Well what can I say ... That’s it for the look! And make sure to keep an eye out for more Asian (inspired) makeup looks for this month of May. Again Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!!

Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy
What do think of this look? Love It Or Hate It?


  1. Hehe, this is basically my everyday look! ^^

    Looks nice on you :DD


  2. hi dizzy! you did great! i am going to give this look a try! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. i think you did a great job lol.. i think you're referring to a "gyaru" kinda look :P you look very pretty!

  4. Love your eyes!! Gorgeous photos to0 :)
    I'm gonna give this a try. XOXO

  5. I'm really liking this everyday look. it's very simple and easy to do. thank you so much for sharing this.


  6. You are such a pretty girl!! Such beautiful big eyes!! Love the look!!

  7. @ Vintage Makeup --- YAY! I'm glad!

    @ Amy --- LOL really?! Thats pretty awesome!

    @ Mimi --- That would be great! Good luck, I hope you share it!

    @ Nic Nic --- Yes it is more like a gyaru look! and thank you 8)

    @ MayClover --- Thanks 8D

    @ Venus In Virgo --- Thank you! and I hope you do, good luck and have fun 8)

    @ Carrie --- You're so welcome 8D

    @ PinkOrchids --- AWW thanks hun! You're too sweet 8D

  8. Dizzy been reading your blog since last time but silly me to ask , where are u from actually? u have exotic looks and i love your lips and eyes.

  9. @ v a m p i r e --- LOL it’s not silly to ask.

    This question is kind hard for me to answer because I’m literally from everywhere; it’s hard to really say, because I was a bit of an army brat. But I was born in Japan, but I’ve also lived in the Philippines (most of my family member reside there), moved to the US in Hawaii, then Nevada, California, and now Colorado. It doesn’t seem that much, but within every state I’ve lived in, I’ve moved several times to different counties.

    If you are referring to my ethnicity I’m pretty much everything under the sun, but I’m mostly Hawaiian, Japanese, and Filipina.