Monday, May 16, 2011

A Perfect Makeup Look for Mono Lids #1

Before I get into this post I just wanna say I sorry for some of the comments not showing on my last post. Yes I did approve them all, but with blogger being down on Thursday, most of them got deleted, and I can’t seem to salvage them. I hope and thank you for you understanding, and now we are off to the post 8)

For this makeup look I will be showing you a picture tutorial of how I achieved it. This is inspired by After School’s Nana (FYI: After School is a South Korean girl group). And you will understand why when I show you this picture …
Picture From ---> Here
Do you see the difference with her eyes? And how it made her over appearance look … well … different!

The struggle with monolids is it’s hard to achieve a makeup look that will appear great. A lot of methods of applying makeup to say, double lids are different from applying makeup to monolids. You don’t really see many makeup looks catering to monolids, which got me to do this tutorial for you. With the knowledge of knowing where and how to place and apply your eyeshadows, liner, etc. you can accomplish a sexy and sultry look I’m bout to show you. Remember to just practice and experiment on yourself.

The look I’m doing is just going to feature the eyes. Nana (The look I’m inspired by) keeps her face and lips very simple and natural looking. Just slap on some tinted moisturizer, maybe a tad of blush, and some lip balm.

= For the brows, I’m just going to fill them and make ‘em look nice, nothing hard or stressing. I used Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar.

= 1st step with the eyes is to get whatever brown or black eye pencil you have (I’m using N.Y.C Classic Brow & Liner Pencil in Sable) and kinda draw out where your crease or the top of the lid would be at.

Then line the lower lash line.

And fill in the area of where you sketched out the area where your crease or the top of the lid would be.

This is optional, but I’m going to extend it outward, creating a sort of wing/cat eye effect.

= 2nd step is to pick out a dark eyeshadow color of your choosing (I used Urban Decay Loose Pigment in Rockstar) and simply apply it to where you applied the brown or black eye pencil at.

Then blend the edges out so it’s not so harsh looking.

= 3rd step is to apply your black eyeliner as close as possible to your upper and lower lash line. I’m using Milani Tech.

= 4th step is to curl your lashes and add mascara. But for me instead of applying mascara I’ll apply false lashes (Ardell Fashion Lashes in 135).
Then your done wit the look 8)
I don’t have monolids, so you really won’t see a big difference on me, but here are pics with and without the makeup.

Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy
What do think of this look? Love It Or Hate It?


  1. I love that indigo blue you have on! It' very pretty! Great job.. i can def see the difference :)

  2. keke cheating! u dont have monolid!

  3. Nice tutorial, very well laid out and instructive!! The look is very nice, I can picture it being used on a night out! I would love to do make-up on someone with monolids, I know it's really hard for some people with monolids to curl their lashes.

  4. Love the look ;) I want to try, I don't have monolid but I still like it :D x

  5. Look gorgeous on you! I love the shape and color combo

  6. @ Nic Nic --- Thank you very much 8D

    @ Ken --- LOL I know total cheat right *teehee*

    @ PinkOrchids --- Thnak you! Yes I agree this would make an awesome night look.
    I think any Asian lashes are hard to curl in general. I know my lashes can curl, but it won’t hold on it’s own for very long.

    @ MayClover --- This look isn't just reserved for just those with monolids, it also great for any other types of eyes.
    I do wish you luck on trying this look, and I hope you do share the look with us 8D

    @ Vintage Makeup --- Thank you! I'm glad to hear you like this look!

  7. Great tutorial!
    I love how you did this step by step. The colors look pretty on you too.
    Hey, guess what?
    check your email! XOXO

  8. my little make up guru ! lol thank u for this , another new skill learned ! i miss u so much Dizzy ! sorry i have been away for so long , and i saw one of ur old comment , i am gonna collect that awards soon and will be on my new post

    thank u so much for it ♥

  9. @ Venus In Virgo --- YAY!! Thank you!

    @ v a m p i r e --- I missed you too girly! I'm happy your back 8)

  10. beautiful and useful for the monolids

  11. love this!! thanks for doing this tutorial.. i have monolids.. and am always so frustrated at the lack of makeup tutorials for people like us!!

  12. hey dizzy! thanks so much for this! it looks pretty and easy to follow. i am definitely going to give this a try. :D

    <3, Mimi

  13. @ jardelle --- Thank you, and yes it s 8)

    @ Lisa --- Awesome! I hope this helps 8D

    @ Venus In Virgo --- Thx!!!

    @ Mimi --- Great! Good Luck 8D