Monday, April 18, 2011

[Product Review] Revlon Spa Pore & Facial Brush Set A.K.A Revlon Spa Illuminate Skin Renewal System

Description of Product: Revlon Spa Illuminate Skin Renewal System Removes Dirt, Oil, and Makeup from Deep within Your Pores. Spin Technology System Cleans Better than Vibration. Dermatologist Tested, Compact Design, 2 Speed Control, On/Off Switch, 5 Changeable Attachments, Requires 2 "AA" batteries (Included).
Caution/Warning: Do not use this appliance on areas of the skin with severe ace, rash or other skin ailments.
Product Measurement (L x W x H): 2.31 x 7.13 x 6.25
Price: $19.99 USD (Price May Vary)

Revlon can be found at your local Ahold, Albertsons, Bartell Drugs, Bilo/Bruno, CVS pharmacy, Duane Reade, Fred Meyer, Giant Eagle, Harmon Discount Health & Beauty, H-E-B, Kinney Drugs, K-Mart, Kroger, Meijer, Navarro, Pathmark, Rite Aid, Safeway, Shopko, Target, Ulta, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Wegmans, and Winn Dixie.,,,,,,,,,,, and If you might know where else to get Revlon products please post it as a comment.

My Opinion/Review: With the Clarisonic retailing for $200.00USD and up, this Revlon facial brush set was a godsend me, its only $20 bucks!! I do not have the Clarisonic so I can’t exactly say if this product is better or just as good as it.
For an FYI, I forgot precisely where I read this at, but Revlon says they are continuously improving and changing this product, to make it better *obviously* This info might make you want to wait till it’s better improved, but it info is not a grantee in anyway.
Packaging / Appearance/ Design?
I really love the look of this product, its super cute with the combo of white and pink. This product is actually nice and light weight and compact. The shape and weight plays into the ease of use for this product.
The one downfall to the design is, where and how the battery compartment it placed. Unfortunately you can not use this product in the shower, because the water will leak into the battery compartment and damage this item, which I know you want to avoid.
The controls on this Revlon product is very simple to use, just flip the switch up or down to either turn it off, apply a LOW spin setting, or apply a HIGH spin setting.
*cleansing sponge applicator*
(Description) made for intensive and soothing facial cleansing. First, remove any excess make-up, dampen sponge applicator. Switch the appliance to the preferred speed setting. The cleansing sponge applicator is soft, sturdy (meaning it will not fall apart) and easy to clean.
I love this attachment; I use it on a daily basis, twice a day (morning and night). I like to think that is a lazy way to was your face, and I love it teehee.
When I use this attachment I try to soak the sponge as best as I can and then I apply my cleanser on to the sponge, prior to that I wet my face, so the cleanser suds up nicely. I like to start with the LOW setting all over my face, then go to the HIGH setting concentrating more on my forehead, nose, and cheeks. Make sure not to apply to much pressure on the attachment, otherwise it won’t spin properly.
I suggest you replace your cleansing sponge applicator every month only if you happen to clean it after every use, if you don’t clean it you will have to toss it after every use or 2. So make sure you always clean after you use it, because it will last a whole lot longer for you.
*exfoliating brush*
(Description) specifically designed to remove dead skin cells and stimulate muscles. Select the "LOW" speed setting then apply the brush to your face and neck area, being careful not to apply too much pressure. Rinse face with warm water and pat dry.
Besides the cleansing sponge applicator, I really adore the exfoliating brush. I use this attachment when I’ve had foundation on, which I only wear on special occasions, or at most twice in one week, because my skin is looking a little dull or I have blemishes that day. But the exfoliating brush bristles are soft enough to use on a daily basis, which I really don’t recommend you doing, maybe every other day at most.
The thing I like is yes the bristles are soft, but they seem to hold up on its own without bending or breaking of the bristles. The exfoliating brush attachment does a fantastic job of removing excess layers of dead skin and cleansing impurities from my pores, after ever use, my skin feels baby soft, and the complexion of my skin looks healthier and full of life.
When I use this attachment I wet the bristles and put my cleanser on top of the bristles (Do not put your cleanser in the middle or not on the bristles, because you will not be able to get the cleanser on you face). Prior to this I removed my makeup with a makeup remover wipe, and then wet my face with water. Tip when using the exfoliating brush, make sure you just leave it at a LOW setting, I feel like the HIGH setting can be a little harsh on the face, and also you do not need to apply too much pressure, or you will find troubles in the spin of the brush.
I swear because of this exfoliating brush, I’ve been getting fewer breakouts, and if I do get a pimple it’s so tiny compared to the volcanoes I used to get.
I suggest you replace your exfoliating brush ever month, and like I stated earlier with the cleansing sponge applicator, make sure you clean it after every use to extend the life of these attachments.
*(if needed) blemish extractor *
(Description) For a deeper cleansing, after rinsing face, use the blemish extractor to remove impurities from deep within your pores.
Okay seeing that this blemish extractor is one of the attachments, I was super excited about it, but unfortunately it was a piece of crap. I guess it’s suppose to kinda suck out the pimple juices out *gross*, so you don’t have to pop it, or you can use it to also suck out the black heads or white heads, which you typically see on the nose area. This attachment really didn’t do shit, It really didn’t suck (I can’t think of a differ word to come up with) anything at all.
I wondered maybe if I just got done out of a hot shower or after applying a hot cloth on my face, my pores would be soft enough for the blemish extractor to do its thang, but still no results. Revlon should really think off upgrading the base of the facial system, so when you attach the blemish extractor, it will suck all those nasty little things out that are stuck in your pores.
*rolling massager*
(Description) Specially designed cylindrical heads rotate to massage and moisturize skin with lotions or moisturizers. Apply lotion or moisturizing cream directly to the skin. Switch the appliance to the "LOW" speed setting and massage skin, being careful not to apply too much pressure. Use light, upward strokes. DO NOT use for more than two to three minutes. Avoid sensitive areas around your eyes.
I tend to use this rolling massager after I have exfoliated my face; it really works my moisturizers into my skin, it’s just an added bonus for keeping my face looking healthier. Plus massaging helps with circulation to your face.
When I use the rolling massager I just apply my moisturizer directly to the attachment, and use the LOW setting, make sure you avoid the under eye area.
The one thing I don’t like about this attachment is it’s too hard and stiff, and what I mean is that it doesn’t really contour on to certain areas of my face, for example my forehead. It doesn’t feel nice in that area, because the attachment is just too flat, hard, and stiff.
The only time you want to replace this attachment is when it breaks. Make sure you wipe the attachment clean after every use.
This whole kit actually came with batteries included, which you don’t tend to see with at of products these days.
The spin technology system for the Revlon facial brush set is so better then a vibration system you typically see with other drugstore facial systems. For example, when you wash your face with your hands do you vibrate your hands or do you move it in a circular motion? Which technique you think is better? Personally vibrating you face sound freaking silly.
The one downfall of Revlon’s spin technology is that it only spins in one direction (clockwise) I wish it had a bit of a variety of clockwise and counter clockwise. I feel the attachments will get more of the dirt, makeup and etc of your face better.
Bottom Line …
Even though this facial brush set isn’t waterproof/water safe and the blemish extractor is not a great attachment with the price being about $20.00USD, this is definitely a product worth getting particularly over the Clarisonic, which retails for $200.00USD and up. Also with the Clarisonic you only get one type of attachment, and with the Revlon facial brush set you get 4 different attachments, which are all really good expect for the blemish extractor, like I have stated before.
I seriously I recommend this product! I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin, I get fewer breakouts, and it looks so much healthier in general.

Overall score: ★★★★☆

Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy
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  1. Great review, sounds like a good alternative to the clarisonics!

  2. This kit seems pretty amazing! I like the thought of the face massager. This sounds like a good bargain!

  3. I'm giong to go get this! It's on sale at Ulta for only $16. Plus, I have a coupon too so it will only total out to be about $15 or so!

    <33 Rena

  4. Thanks for the review! But too bad I've ordered Clarisonic Mia before even reading this post! I'd have wanted to try this before investing in Clarisonic..

  5. @ Vintage Makeup --- Thank you and it is!

    @ Nic Nic --- Yes its pretty awesome 8)

    @ Rena --- You should jump on it girl! It's a great buy.

    @ DinaXYYan --- aww oh well, the Clarisonic is still awesome!

  6. OH! I want to try this! Great review XOXO
    Feel better and come enter my giveaway :)

  7. I actually have this model. Because like you, I didn't want to spend 200 on clarisonic so I thought for 20 let me try it. I actually LOVE it. Plus the fact that the blemish thingy, does work. I had blackheads round the sides of my nose and now after using it the illuminator every day for two weeks, I have none.

  8. I actually bought the Clarisonic Mia earlier this year, used it for over a month, and returned it (they said I could with receipt.) The brush attachment was too abrasive on my hyper-sensitive skin, and it didn't really do anything other than clean my face. I'd been thinking about the Olay ProX but it's almost $50 here, but when I saw the Revlon system at Walmart today for $12.96, I jumped on it! I'm glad it comes with a sponge as well as a brush, the sponge will be much gentler on my skin. So happy I found this, and your review encourages me that I made a good buy!

  9. A dermatologist can simply be called a "skin doctor". Dermatologist are medical doctors that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and tumors of the skin care and its appendages.

  10. @ Dizzy: Do you know where to purchase the attachments replacements?