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[Major Haulage & Reviews],,, Hot Topic and

Hey beautiful! LOL I completely spaced out abut these online purchases I made on January, oh well … I’m making up for it now 8).
Just for an F.Y.I I’m going to go in order of what I purchase from beginning to end. I also ordered stuff at the beginning of February also, so you know it’s not just a January haul.
I know, I know I spent a lot in a one month time period, but just enjoy this post and reviews on the website’s and sellers I ordered from.
1st I’m gong to mention is my purchase on eBay from a seller named StyleFanatics. I was actually hesitant to buy from them, but they had very good reviews, about a 99.9% positive feedback. So I took a leap of faith and ordered my 1st item on eBay. Before I tell you what I got, I just want to tell you some details upon purchase. So I ordered these boots on January 12th (Monday) it was shipped out on this day too for an FYI, and I got my package on January 15th (Saturday). I don’t know about you, but that’s very fast shipping, and everything was in good shape on arrival. I definitely recommend StyleFanatics on eBay! They have great items to choose from, there highly reliable, they have decent shipping and handling fee, they let you know when they have confirmed and shipped out your order out to you, and they give you a tracking # to locate your package. I just can’t rave enough about StyleFanatics. I know I will be purchasing from them again.
Rating for eBay seller StyleFanatics: A+
So on to what I bought is … a pair of Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Fug Boots!
I love them there really cute, but I don’t really like the tread on bottom. It’s kinda smooth, so I’m afraid I might slip on ice, but at least I’ll be stylish when I do LOL JK JK
So you know these boots were $44.99 USD + shipping and handling fee of $9.99 USD, which all added up to a total of $54.98 USD. The boots were a bit expensive, but worth the buy for me 8)
Next are my online purchases from Now I have been buying lots of Iron Fist brand stuff, but I haven’t really acknowledged that fact that they have a website. So one day I decide to scope some things out, and I found lots of things I really like and a lot of things were on sale. Before going all out I wanted to kinda test the waters to see if I want to keep repurchasing from, I don’t know why but I just had a feeling you know? So anyways I decide to order 2 cute flats, which were both $15.00 USD each.
The next day after my purchase Iron Fist contacted me telling me that one of my flats is on back order, which means that it’s out of stock, and they asked what I would like to do with this situation. Of course I asked if there getting more in stock, but unfortunately they weren’t, so I decided to just get something else, a cute zombie handbag. The only problem was it was a tad more then the flats, but Iron Fist still said it was okay and they would just have to charge me a little more, which is okay with me 8).
Despite the little problem with the flats, Iron Fist responded quickly, and helped fixed the problem as fast as they can. They were kind enough to tell me that the item I ordered was on back order and they even asked what I would like to do, either get a refund or exchange for a different product. They e-mailed me an online receipt; they let me know when my order has been confirmed, and when they shipped it out. Even though I did order everything on January 12th (Monday), nothing was shipped out till January 20th (Thursday). Keep in mind Iron Fist and I were going back and forth about what is best to do with my order being back ordered, plus they don’t responded back on weekends (for an FYI, if you want to contact them). But said and done we got everything settled on January 17th. With that it approximately takes Iron Fist 3 days to confirm, pack, and ship your order out; and it takes 5 days for your package to arrive to you, which isn’t bad at all. Iron Fist’s shipping isn’t the fastest but it doesn’t take forever like some online shops, overall there shipping is average. Every other aspect of the online store and customer service is fabulous! I recommend and I know for sure I’ll be purchasing more from them again.
Rating for A
So the flats I got are these super cute! There called “Ladies the Beast Flat”. The best part of these flats is that you can either dress them up or dress them down. They were originally $35.00 USD, but I got them for $15.00, great deal right! I love the inside of the flats; it’s kinda morbid but awesome at the same time LOL.
Since the other flats I ordered was on back order, I exchange it for the “Ladies Zombie Chomper Handbag. I know, it screams Dizzy doesn’t it LOL! This retailed for $40.00 USD and I got it for $28.50. I saved $11.50, which is pretty good.
I love every detail this bag has to offer. What I like most that you don’t typically see on other handbags, is the front zipper pockets, I can put all my makeup products I’m using that day and pop it in there without hassle of digging it out in the main portion of the bag. Chic and organized lol! In the inside of the bag, on one side there is a zipper pocket, and on the other side there is 2 open pockets, where you can put your cell phone or whatever you like really.
After that I purchased online at I actually saw they were having a sale on these super cute flats (Nadara Savana Flat ($19.99) and boots (Black/White Roxy Jingle Boot ($29.99).
The Savana flats from Nadara features a leopard printed canvas upper with jewel and rhinestone accents, bow detail, and soft rubber sole.
The Women’s Roxy Jingle Boot is a short suede boot from Roxy featuring a faux-fur lining and moc-style stitching.
I know it may seem like I’m buying lots of footwear here lately, but ironically, I’m very picky on what shoes I do get. It literally has to scream and howl Dizzy! I guess I’ve been in a stuck of luck in the footwear department. The last time I got any footwear it was last year after Christmas and those were from my mom LOL.
In my opinion and experience is a pretty good to order from. They e-mailed a conformation of my order, I got a tracking # for it, and they let me know when it has been shipped out to me. The thing I’m kinda confused about is how they ship out my order. They decided to split it; one was coming from Nevada and the other here, in Colorado. I guess it wasn’t bad, since I didn’t have to pay extra shipping, and they both showed up the same time. So approximately, it took a day for them to process my order, and then it took 4 more days for my order to come to me, which is an average shipping time. One little down fall was shipping price and tax together is like paying for a 1-2 days shipping price, and my total made out to be $ 61.79 USD.
Rating for A-
Next purchases are from another eBay seller named ExcessApparel. Even though I got these items from the same seller, I had to pay shipping and handling for both of them separately, that’s just the way eBay rolls I guess. Though I had to pay shipping for both the prices still made out very well. ExcessApparel’s shipping and handling fees are reasonable. I really love ExcessApparel and all the items they sell, they sell lots of Iron fist Clothing brand stuff (which I love BTW) and for a good price.ExcessApparel notified me when my order has been confirmed, a review on my order, when a label has been made for my items, and when they have shipped it out. ExcessApparel actually shipped out both my orders in the same package 2 days after (January 17) I place my order (on January 15), so it took 4 days (not including weekends) for it to come thru, when is your typical shipping time. I do recommend ordering from ExcessApparel, especially if you want good pricing on Iron Fist Clothing.
Rating for eBay seller ExcessApparel: A-
So 1st I got was a cute unicornography handbag from Iron Fist Clothing ($20.50 USD including shipping fee). There weren’t any details to what this bag was made out of, but I thought it was all made out of a fake leather material, or at least it looked like it from the picture. But it was a mixture of a fake leather material for the handles, and a canvas material of the base of the bag.
The 2nd thing I got was an Iron Fist black knot tank top ($11.00 USD including shipping fee). I love it! It has a star print allover, and fits me like a glove.
Next instead of ordering online I went to Hot Topic; I had a gift card for it, from Christmas and just haven’t used it till the New Year.
The reasoning for really going to Hot Topic is that I wanted to get this CUTE ASS Zombie Key Cap ($4.99)! LOL I think I got a problem with zombie related things.
I also saw this “I Love Zombies” Brain Berry Fat Balm ($3.99), the packaging is really cute, and to my surprise, the lip balm is actually pretty good. It isn’t a plumping formula, but you can feel in seeping in to your lips, and kinda giving a numbing and tingling sensation, it also gives life to the color of your lips.
I found a slouched beanie. I’ve always wanted one, and Hot Topic is the only one I’ve seen who carried them, but they’ve always been pricey. Fortunately for me it was on sale. Originally it was $14.99, then it went on sale for $6.98, but of course I used my HT1 card and it went down to $3.49.
Next I got an 18G Hinged Hoop in 925 Sterling Silver ($8.00), nose ring for an FYI. I got a set of 3 at Claire’s, but they were too tight on the nostril + they were pretty cheaply made *disappointment*. Anyways this one from Hot Topic is awesome, I love the hinge design and it’s comfortable to wear, it’s a tad tricky to undo it, but at least I know it won’t undo itself and fall off.
The last thing I got from Hot Topic is this Bright Neon Nail Polish ($2.99). I love Hot Topic nail polishes; they last long and have great pigmentation. The only downfall is the flimsy brush applicator. I was thinking on doing a more in-depth review on them, but IDK what do you think?
Another eBay purchase is from a seller named Razorz_Edge_Clothing. If you see the rating for Razorz_Edge_Clothing on eBay, you will see they have a 100% positive feedback, so I wasn’t worried about ordering from them. Like any other eBay seller they sent me a conformation of my order, when a label for my package has been made, and when it has been sent. Razorz_Edge_Clothing shipping time is fast. It took them 1 day to get my order set up to be shipped, and it took 3 days for it to arrive to me. I highly recommend ordering from Razorz_Edge_Clothing.
Rating for eBay seller Razorz_Edge_Clothing: A+
So I actually ordered these Mombassa Flats at, however Iron Fist said they were backordered A.K.A sold out and weren’t getting more in. So when I saw these flats on eBay in my size, I knew it was meant to be LOL. These flats are super cute tho right?!
Mood Swings is also a good seller to order from, and they also have an eBay account, you can order from too. There shipping fee is reasonable and shipping time is good about 4 days to get to me.
Rating for Amazon seller Mood Swings Inc: A
So I got this awesome Iron Fist Frank the Tank tote ($44.94 USD includes shipping fee). The picture shown actually look like the tote was made out of a canvas material, but it’s made out of a fake leather material, which is okay with me I prefer it over canvas.
Again I order from ExcessApparel, but this time I got a cute Iron Fist Lipstick Tee ($14.00 USD including shipping fee) for my sister on v-day.
I really like Sony at Amazon, you get better and cheaper prices, then going to a game/electronics store. I paid $19.96 USD with no tax or shipping and handling fee, which is amazing. My hubby bought the same thing at Wal-Mart for $24.00 USD so I definitely got a good deal. Sony’s shipping time is good too it came within 3 days. So is you can order Sony items at Amazon.
Rating for Amazon seller Sony: A+
I got this for my hubby for v-day, cuz he needed a second gun attachment for this move game he got around x-mas time. If you get a shooter game for the move a gun attachment is so useful.
Last and 4th order from ExcessApparel. Which is an Iron Fist killer robots hat ($14.00 USD including shipping fee) for my hubby for v-day.
Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy


  1. Wow! That's alot of things u bought. The designs are all so special and stands out really well esp the boots. So cute!

  2. you got so much awesome and cute stuff! i especially love the blue leopard flats w/ rhinestones!

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  3. Like the stuff you bought :D!
    They are so unique, I also like zombies haha

  4. You have such a huge haul! And they're mostly online hauls! Have you created an account yet?! You should since you get money back for ordering online! 8) I'm not a spokes person, but just thought I should share...LOL

    Yay! And thank you for the blogger award...I haven't gotten around to making posts lately!

    <33 Rena

  5. That's a lot of stuff!!! Nice shoes, they're so different from my style, but they look so cool! And nice bag, the unicorn is so nice! xX

  6. Wow, this is a really huge haul!

  7. WOW! Your an addict like me! LOL! Really great stuff you got there. i love those boots the most. XOXO

  8. wow, this is some major haul! :D

    <3, Mimi

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