Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 Holiday Haul Part #3: After Christmas

I think the best time to shop is the day after Christmas, but keep in mind the day will either be a hit or a miss for you. And what I mean is, you will either find a lot of great stuff, and go home with bags full of crap, or you will end up not finding or only finding a few things. Unlike last year it was a hit for me this time around.
-Game Stop-
1st stop was GameStop … I wanted to trade in Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, because there really is no reply value it (I did do a review on it so check it out ---> Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story), but anyways I decided to get Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. So far there is tons of things to do and play on this game, but I’ll definitely do a proper review it when I pretty much got it beet, which will probably be a while since it really does have loads of stuff do on it, I just wanna make sure I can do an accurate review on every aspect of this game.
Just for an FYI: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games cost $34.99 (brand new) + tax = $37.09, since I did trade in my Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, GameStop deducted $9.00 from the total which came to the total of $28.09 USD
-Town Center-
2nd stop was at the town center (mall), where I got majority of my stuff. All the sales were just awesome that day, I was very happy with everything I did get. Some of the stores were kinda bare, but every out was my style. It was a Dizzy’s shopping day LOL

Aeropstale was having a sale for there camis, buy 2 for $15, which isn’t the best sales price, but definitely better than the original price. You could either pick thru a printed or a plain colored camis, so I decide to get one solid color and one print floral print. I really love these camis; there very good quality and they have a kinda build in bra, which I look for in camis.
Next thing I got was a top, it’s a long sleeved scoop neck, with sewn on lettering. I got this for $10.00.

Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe was having the biggest sale, everything was pretty much $5.00.
The 1st thing I saw was these cute skinny headbands, I got this pack of 5 for only $5.00.
2nd is a basic solid cami, with a build in bra ($5.00). 3rd is a long floral top ($5.00), it’s really so cute!
4th and 5th items, I got a deal, 2 for $5.00, one is a bright ribbed tank and the other is a sheer scoop neck tank. Now the last thing is a sheer long sleeved hoodie-ish top with pockets ($5.00)

I honestly don’t really like Claire’s too much. There jewelry is cheaply made at an expensive price, but I got a gift card for the store, so I just went to spend it. To my surprise I found a few great things. I got an off white and grey hat, which they were having a sale for buy one get one free ($8.50). I got another hat that was white ($12.00). and lastly I got a set 3 hooped nose rings($10.00), these are cute and all but they are not big enough for me, I mean when I tried one on it was really hugging my nostril lol.

JC Penny
At JC Penny's I found 3 cute burnout tops, two which was mid sleeve and the other long sleeved. The last thing I got was another long sleeve with a really cute design print, my Hubby actually pick this one out for me 8). My total was $28.29; JC Penny’s says I saved $41.83, insane right?!
That concludes my shopping at the mall.
-Online Shopping @
So the day after, the day after Christmas I decide to do some online shopping … I went to too buy some Iron Fist (brand) stuff, was having a sale on there shoes…

1st I got the Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Flats - Black/Green (Vegan)
Description from PUNK.COM = Iron Fist Zombie Stomper women's flats. Green and pink zombie face print with black bows on ballet flats. The flat version of the signature platform heel. In green and pink.
Original Price = $30.00
Price I Got = $21.00

2nd I got the Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Flats - Black / Purple (Vegan)
Description from PUNK.COM = Iron Fist Zombie Stomper women's flats. Purple and green zombie face print with black bows on ballet flats. The flat version of the signature platform heel. In black and purple with Zombie design.
Original Price = $30.00
Price I Got = $21.00
Lastly I got the Iron Fist Dead Broke Wallet
Description from PUNK.COM = Soft vinyl (vegan) zombie wallet. Matches the Zombie Stomper high heels. 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. Black satin ribbon trim and bow on edge of wallet. Snaps closed.
Price = $25.00
Punk.Com Review: is a fantastic site to order from! I placed an order on December 27, 2010 and received it with 3 days (December 30, 2010). I like that sends you and e-mail confirming your order, and the tracking # for your order. They frequently have sales on something, and you get free shipping with orders over $50.00.
Overall I give an A+, I recommend this site, and I’m for sure I will order from them again and again.

Iron Fist (brand) Review: 
The brand Iron Fist wasn’t really up to par, especially being a “high end” brand. Now I’m not says there stuff isn’t horrible or anything, I just feel like the quality is just standard, you’re really overpaying, I’m talking about the wallet by the way. The flats I’ve tried on, but I haven’t worn them for a day, because it’s just to cold for flats here in Colorado, but I will let you know my opinion of them was I actually do wear them for a day.
FYI when you by Iron Fist shoes, the fit is a tad bit bigger, I had to get a half size smaller, I wear 5.5 sized shoes, so I had to get one that was a 5 size.
CURRENT MUSIC OBSESSION: Alicia Keys - Unthinkable…
Do you remember when this song 1st came out?
I was so obsessed with it and I think I just got sick of it so haven’t listened to it since I heard it on Sunday Night Slow Jams; now I’m back to the obsession lol.
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Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy


  1. Great haul! The shoes and the wallet are really cool :D

  2. what a fantastic haul!!! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. @ DinaXYYan --- Thanks and I agree!

    @ Mimi --- Thank you 8D

  4. omg i dont feel so bad about shopping now!