Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Holiday Haul Part #2: Fa LaLa La Gifts

I wanted to share some of the gifts I received for Christmas. Mostly what I got were gift cards, and I thought that was unnecessary to take pictures of cards, when I can just haul, and show you what I got with them (I think that’s more exciting in my opinion) although some of the gift cards had some cute design to it LOL
Okay so Bath and Body Works stuff … My family is big into Bath and Body Works … any holiday, birthday, party, or really any type of celebration; the ladies get Bath and Body Works stuff. My favorite scent is Japanese Cherry Blossom, what’s yours?
I feel like the Bath and Body, body creams are so required in the winter, because everything is so dry, and I get so ashy and dried raisin-y looking *yuck!
The socks from Bath and Body are awesome! There supposed to smell like Vanilla and other pleasant stuff, also help to keep your feet moisturized. I was worried that once I did wash it the scent would go away, but it didn’t, it smells the same from when I first received it. The socks are so comfy to wear I just love it; you guys should definitely check it out if you can.

Next are a long knitted sweater (so warm and comfy to wear), a cute braided long ass scarf (also warm and soft), and 2 cute toe socks.
Have you worn regular socks for a long time and then try to wear toe socks, talk about feeling weird and off than normal LOL

The last things I have to show you are Victoria’s Secret under wear LOL    
You might be thinking why did I get underwear as a gift, yeah it’s cute and all but it’s a strange gift to receive on Christmas. There’s a story behind it …
Every year I always spend my Christmas at my Auntie’s, and on the 1st Christmas I spent it there, my Aunt gave my sister and I underwear for Christmas. My sister actually opened hers 1st and, everybody (the family) was kinda joking about it and my sister ran to the bathroom and starting crying. I found this hilarious (and my sister does too now), but every since then we always receive underwear every Christmas; I guess you can say it’s tradition now. Every time we do open a present with underwear in it everybody says DA DA DA DAA UNDERWEARRR! LOL I love my family!
CURRENT MUSIC OBSESSION: Chester See, Nigahiga, & KevJumba – Shed a Tear …
LOL this is a kinda spoof to Far East Movement Featuring Ryan Tedder – Rocketeer. I actually heard this before Rocketeer, and when I heard the melody playing on the radio I thought it was this song, till I heard the lyrics LOL

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Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy


  1. Cherry Blossom is my favorite scent as well! Your socks are super cute. This is such an awesome post since I was just watching that video before reading your blog. LOL.

  2. I love kevjumba and nigahiga they always make me laugh!

    The midnight pomegranate looks really interesting!! I haven't seen them before. Nice presents!

  3. @ Kristie --- LOL glad you enjoyed it 8D

    @ PinkOrchids --- I agree there my favorite Youtubers!

    The midnight pomegranate is a great scent, you get this burst of pomegranate and over a bit, the scent kinda softens and gives to a sultry scent.