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[Product Review] Sephora Collection Beautiful Eyes Kit

I wanted to state that I got these products for free, but it’s not at all what you think. If you become a Sephora beauty insider you will receive a ‘Birthday Gift’ from Sephora every year. This year is this little kit.
Even though you can’t buy this specific kit, you can buy these products individually in there full size. Because it does matter to some people, my opinion or depiction of these products will not change because I got this kit for free. I am not being sponsored or being paid from Sephora to give these products a ‘good’ review. Now with that aside enjoy this post 8D

Sephora Brand products can only be found at your local Sephora. If you prefer online shopping you can go to If you might know where else to get Sephora Brand products please post it as a comment.

Sephora Mono Eyeshadow Description from Packaging: Highly pigmented eyeshadow. Long lasting. Paraben free. Sephora mono Eyeshadow has the perfect, high-payoff combination of brilliant color, and easy-blending formula, and endless versatility that will revolutionize your eye-makeup out look and deliver show stopping effects. This expert formula comes in 3 fabulous finishes: matte, glittering and metallic shimmer.
Tips: Can be applied wet or dry to create different looks.
Ingredients: mica, talc, Cl77891 (titanium dioxide), magnesium myristate, phenyl trimethicone, Cl77163 (bismuth Oxychloride), nylon-12, synthetic fluorphlogopite, polybutene, ethylhexyl Palmitate, octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, phenoxyethanol, maltodextrin, sorbic acid, BHT, camellia sinensis leaf extract. 
Net Weight: 0.053oz. 
Price: (for individual full sized Sephora mono eyeshadow) $12.00 USD

My Opinion/Review: At 1st I wasn’t to interested or really excited about this eyeshadow, but I began swatching it and kinda using it on a daily basis, I began to fall in love with this product.
Appearance / Packaging?
The packaging is too cute, maybe because it so tiny lol, it’s just a little bit bigger than a size of a quarter. Besides the size I like the overall look of this eyeshadow, it has a sleek black packaging with a clear peek-a-boo top, to see the color. 
This is also a twist cap, but I’m not to sure if I like that or not, I just hope the thread doesn’t wear, and then it would be a pain in the ass to close.
The pigmentation is pretty good for a sheer toned color. With any kind of white eyeshadow, the color tends to be chalky looking, but this isn’t what so ever.
I love how this eyeshadow blends, it’s almost effortless.
I haven’t experienced any fallout from this eyeshadow.
Creasing or Fading?
If you don’t have any eyeshadow primer and your lids are oily, this eyeshadow will definitely crease on you and throughout the day it will fade.
Overall …
If you’re looking for a sheer shimmery white, I recommend this eyeshadow to you. I really love using this shade for the inner corners of my eyes, making them look more awake, brighter, and slightly bigger.

 Color Description & Swatch: Aspen Summit (23) is a sheer, very shimmery/icy white.

Overall score: ★★★★★

Sephora Nano Eyeliner Description from Packaging: Nano eyeliner is highly pigmented and formulated with Shea butter and rosemary extracts for extreme glide and comfort. Available in 20 shades.
Ingredients: ricinuscommnis (castor) seed oil, caprylic/caprictriglyceride, Cl77891 (titanium dioxide), candelilla cera (euphorbia cerifera wax), mica, glycery ricinoleate, cera alba (beeswax), Cl77499 (iron oxides), cetylalcohol, cera carnauba (copernica cerifera wax), myristyl myristate, phenyl trimethcone, butrospermum parkill (shea butter) unsapunifiables, Cl77491 (iron oxides), helianthus annuus Cl77288 (chromium oxide greens) ammonium glycyrrhizate, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract.
Net Weight: 0.02 oz.
Price: (for individual full sized Sephora nano eyeliner) $5.00 USD

My Opinion/Review: This eyeliner was what I was most excited to see out of this whole kit. I’ve heard lots of good raves about the Sephora liners in general.
Appearance / Packaging?
The appearance of this liner is pretty much all black with the color of the product painted/printed on the end of eyeliner pencil it’s self; and white writing. The feature I do like about this packaging is the cap; it’s a rubbery material, which contours nicely on to the pencil snuggly.
I don’t know if it’s this liner, but the pigmentation is more on the sheerer side, and when you actually swatch the liner, it differs on what Sephora calls it to be a “silver green” it’s more of a sheer charcoal with green in it.
Smudging and Staying Power?
This liner doesn’t last very long, within a 30-40 minute span this eyeliner will unfortunately smudge and slightly fade through out the day, which is a major downfall for this product.
This eyeliner is soft, so you need a light hand when applying it on; but it glides on like a dream. There is no tugging or pulling of the lid when applying this eyeliner.
Overall …
It could be this liner, but I really don’t care for this product at all, it was a huge disappointment for me. If every aspect of this liner was perfect, but yet it smudges, it becomes an automatic fail 8P I don’t think I would ever buy this product or recommend it to any one.
However when I do have a product that doesn’t meet my purpose, I try to use it in different ways (I just hate wasting products) with any eyeliner that I find, that happens to smudge, I use it has a eyeshadow base to intensify the eyeshadow I decide to use.

Color Description & Swatch: Silver Green (11) is a sheer charcoal with green.

Overall score: ★★☆☆☆

Sephora Mascara Lash Plumper Description from Packaging: Thanks to its air plump bush, lash plumper pumps up the volume of your lashes with no clumping.
Ingredients: aqua (water), synthetic beeswax, Cl77499 (iron oxides), glycerol Stearate, stearic acid, cera carnauba (copernica cerifrea wax), acacla senegal gum, acrylates copolymer, C18-36 acid triglyceride, triethanolamone, butylene glycol, kaolin, phenoxyethanol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methylparaben, propyl paraben, potassium sorbate.
Net Weight: 0.1 fl. oz
Price: (for individual full sized Sephora Mascara Lash Plumper) $12.00USD

My Opinion/Review: I was really hesitant on trying this mascara, because I’ve tried so many, and there is a few I like, but I haven’t come across one I loved yet.
Appearance / Packaging?
The packing is nothing too special, it just your basic black tube, it’s nice and sleek looking though.
Mascara Wand?
I love this mascara wand! It’s the perfect size for me, it really coats on the product on my lashes, and it separates them very well too.
Flaking or Clumping?
There is no clumping with this mascara, only slightly if you really coat it on; and when I say coat it on I mean really, really coating it on. When this mascara dries, I haven’t experienced any mascara flaking off through out the day.
Staying Power?
Once you apply the mascara to your lashes, it really sticks on. So staying power is really no issue for this product.
I wish this mascara was a waterproof formula or had a waterproof formula available, because it isn’t waterproof, water is something you want to stay away from or else you risk it melting of your lashes (just not attractive at all).
Another thing about this mascara is it actually holds my curl in pretty good, but I still experience some drooping of the lashes if I add that extra coat on.
Overall …
I think this is a new favorite for me. This mascara is definitely the best I’ve tried so far. The downfalls would be that it’s pretty expensive, wish it came in a waterproof formula, and also wish that it held my curl in completely.

Color Description & Swatch: This mascara is a matte black. I really love the finish of it, kinda gives my lashes a unique look, subtlety.

Overall score: ★★★★☆

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Did you get this B-day Kit from Sephora? What did you think of these products! Love It Or Hate It?


  1. I got this set for my birthday. I love the shade it's beautiful! They could have made them a bit bigger, there so tiny LOL! XOXO

  2. I love your squiggle! HAHA! You always have amazing make-up!! Wish we had a sephora in UK! xX

  3. @ Venus In Virgo --- I agree, it's pretty tiny lol.

    @ PinkOrchids --- lol thanks! Aww that sucks that you don't have a sephora, maybe go on to there site ( they might ship internationally.

  4. This is a really nice kit. I need a Sephora in Malaysia. =(

    Thanks for the great review..


  5. I would get this because it was free, when they sent me an e-mail saying I had a gift waiting for me, I was like "What?" like in the movie Despicable Me ha ha. Well I like the eyeshadow not the greatest not really blendable, I really just use it as a highlight. The pencil is a really great color easy to put on I might buy some in a full size also does not break when you sharpen. The mascara very natural looking I would use that until its gone. And that is my review.

  6. I have the white e/s too and it applies really smooth..

  7. I would like to try it ^^! (eyeshadow)

  8. @ Charming Vanity --- Try going to, that might ship internationally 8)

    @ Agnes --- lol we have opposite feelings about all the products in that kit, different strokes for different folk’s lol. But thank you for sharing your input on these products, and thanks for stopping by 8)

    @ Dina (XYYan) --- Yes the eyeshadow is my fav!

    @ MayClover --- Definitely do and let me know what you think 8)

  9. ahhh, i love sephora! :D

    btw, i am not sure if there is a gossip store website, but i'll look into it for you. :)

    <3, Mimi

  10. @ Mimi --- Me too!
    Thanks for checking for me 8D