Sunday, November 21, 2010

[Product Review] DUO Lash Adhesive in Clear

Description from Packaging: A safe latex adhesive to use with false lashes and body decoration.
Net Weight: 7 g. (¼ oz.)
Price: (Price May Vary) $7.00-$8.00 USD

Duo Glue can be found at your local CVS pharmacy, Rite Aid, and M.A.C cosmetic store. If you prefer online shopping you can go to,, and or If you might know where else to get Duo Glue please post it as a comment.

My Opinion/Review: DUO lash adhesive is suppose to be the best and number 1 lash adhesive in the world. This product has been used and raved by almost all beauty users, or at least the ones who use false lashes or face and body decoration. I have been using DUO glue since I 1st tried false lashes, now I have been hooked for 3 years. But Dizzy way do you wear false lashes? This is the most common question I get, and I don’t know if you know this but most Asian people don’t have the best looking lashes in the world, its sparse and sticks practically straight down. Wearing false lashes makes me feel feminine, makes my eyes look bigger, and really tops off a makeup look.
So enough about false lashes, back to the DUO glue …
Appearance / Packaging?
The packaging is cool I like the blue color lol. I also like that it comes in a squeeze tube, so you can use every bit of the product.
Easy to use?
The way the tip of the tube is funneled makes for good application on to the band of the false lashes or for a decoration piece you would want to stick on. The down fall is that you do have to be a little light handed when squeezing the tube, if not it will be a big freaking mess.
Does it dry clear?
The glue does dry clear, but if you happen to put to much glue on then it won’t be quite as clear, but kinda milky looking clear.
Once the DUO glue fully dries, then it becomes waterproof, so crying is okay lol. But when you do get the glue wet it will change to the color of when you first applied it, there is a bright side though, give the glue a chance to dry, maybe 10-15 mins, it will look clear again.
If you’re putting on body or face decoration and you have lotion on, it will loosen the grip of the glue to your skin so make sure to wipe the surface clean before applying body or face decoration.
Staying Power / Hold?
The hold on this sucker is amazing, I could wear false lashes all day long, and no matter how heavy the lashes are or how many times I blink throughout the day, the DUO glue sticks. Tip: When the DUO glue does start to give out you know it’s time to by a new one.
I feel this product is getting even more expensive every year, I think about a year and a half ago I could get this product for 8.00 USD for 14g. Now it’s 7.00 USD for 7g. Too crazy! I think I might have to switch up to a different lash adhesive if the price keeps jacking up.
Bottom Line …
So far I would have to say this is the best lash adhesive I’ve tried so far. The only downfall is the increasing price. I highly recommend to those false lash lovers or face and body decorators.

Overall score: ★★★★☆

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  1. Ive heard a lot of about this adhesive! It's a shame it;s much pricier out of US :( The japanese ladies are a big fan of false lashes so they have a huge range of lash glues for their lashes lol

  2. @ Nic Nic --- I would love to go to Japan and scope out the lash glue there lol + the fashion of course 8)

  3. Thanks for the review! I've been hearing good review for this adhesive!

  4. @ Dina (XYYan) --- You’re very welcome! It’s definitely the best one I’ve tried by far.