Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! + Halloween Look

BOO! Happy Halloween 8D I hope all of you are having fun trick ’or’ treating, giving candy, having a party, or watching scary slasher movies. Just remember to be safe and be carful driving.

I also wanted to share what I am for Halloween and I’m a manly man wearing makeup lol or a pirate wearing makeup, IDK what it said on the package lol. This year I as going to stay home and pass out candy and watch some scary movies with my hubby 8D his picking them out so I hope he gets some real scary ones and a zombie movie thrown in there too hehe.

And I wanted to say sorry for not blogging as often as I normally do or comment on any of your blogs, but I’ve been going thru some family issues there for a while and now I feel like these issues are dying down now. Hopefully I’ll be back to my normal blogging self 8D

Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy
Tell me what you are for Halloween 8D


  1. Aww, I hope your family are alright =(
    I can't believei let halloween slip by me, i was working that night =( But next year i hope to sit home and have a "Scream" marathon! xX

  2. @ PinkOrchids --- Thank you for your concern, everything is alright now 8D
    I almost forgot about Halloween till the night before lol …
    Scream is a great scary movie marathon for Halloween.