Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunshine Award

I’m happy to say that I got my 2nd award yesterday by the awesome Eleonora Pellini, thank you Eleonora! Please check out her blog ---> Once Upon a Time
If you haven’t noticed the title I received the sunshine award 8D YAY

The rules of this award are:
1) Save the photo and post to your blog
2) Pass the award to 12 bloggers that are watching and following you from the news and comment
3) Link the name of their blog and the URL

The people I choose to receive this award are …
4) Nic Nic – Bang Bang She Shoots
10) Rena - Scope Kawaiiness
11) nino malgeri - nino malgeri 800.131.789
12) Jefferson – Food Stamps
and I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who follows me or reads my blog. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and the kind comments you leave me here. I hope to do more for you guys in the future 8D

Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy


  1. congratulations~! thank thanks!

  2. @ Makeup by Yass --- You’re welcome! You deserve it 8D

    @ Ken --- Thank you and you’re welcome 8D

  3. congratulations!!! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. Hey darlin' thx a lot, I'm honored by this award :)
    mwahhhhhhhhhh xoxo

  5. @ Mimi --- Thanks 8D

    @ liloo --- You’re welcome 8D

  6. Congratulations! Thanks *happy* ^^ my first award!

  7. @ Dina (XYYan) --- Thank you 8D

    @ Kristie --- Thank you very much 8D

    @ MayClover --- Thank you and I’m so happy to give you you’re 1st award 8D

  8. Dizzy hunny , congratulations ! yay u deserves it

  9. congrats on your award!!

    You do great reviews, please keep it up!!

    thank you for the nomination!! it's very sweet of you!! <3

  10. @ v a m p i r e --- Aww thank you!

    @ Nic Nic --- Thank you so much! And you’re welcome, you deserve it as well 8D

  11. Heeeeeey!!! dizzy thanks for the award!!!! ;) have a great week!

  12. Congrats!
    thanks for your comment
    What did you think of the UB Cream Blush?

    now following you,care to follow back XOXO

  13. Congrats on your award and thank you for the award!! I love reading your reviews, they're always so honest and interesting!! <3 xX

  14. @ Mademoiselle Trendy --- Thank you! and you too 8D

    @ VenusInVirgo --- Thank you and you’re welcome 8D
    I actually tired it from a friend, but only swatched it, but based on that I really liked it! I plan on getting on here soon 8D

    @ PinkOrchids --- Thanks Gurl!
    You deserve the award also, you’re a great blogger 8D

  15. ooooooh! dizzy thanks for the award I post it coming soon !!! love u!

  16. @ Mademoiselle Trendy --- you’re very welcome, much love to you too 8D