Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[Product Review] Dariya Japan Hair/Fringe Grip from PrettyandCute.com

Description from PRETTYANDCUTE.COM: Easy to use, holds hair/fringe back from the face without messing hairstyle or leaving a kink (as is the case with clips or hair bands). Perfect for use when applying makeup, using facial masks, washing face or anytime you want to keep hair from the face.
Contains: 2pcs (one for each side)
Colors Available: Pink, Black, Blue
Size: 6.5x10cm
Price: $3.50

My Opinion/Review: I LOVE THE FRINGE GRIP! It really does hold your hair in place without leaving a weird indent like a bobby pin or hair clip would. When you do put the fringe grip on it will not move, it just stays in place, you can bob your head back and forth, and the thing won’t fall out or move. Even tho it does a great job staying in place it’s easy to take off, I promise you won’t yank out a hand full of hair, just slide it down your hair and TA DA its off.
I also use the fringe grip to mold my hair. I actually tried to part my hair down the middle, but I’ve had it parted to the side for so many years, it just parts to the side naturally, without me even trying. So I got an idea to use the fringe grip. After I took a shower I would part my hair to the middle, and then I would place the fringe grips to hold that part. Then I just wait for my hair to dry or I would blow dry it, and there you have it a perfectly parted hair 8D
Overall this is a fantastic product to get and it also cheap too. I highly recommend if you need to move your hair away from your face while you put on makeup or even to use it to mold your hair. You can find this product at prettyandcute.com, but I have no idea where else to get it, if you do let me know 8D
You can get the Hair/Fringe Grip here --->PrettyandCute.com 

Overall score: ★★★★★

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OX Dizzy
Do you have the fringe grip? How do you like it?


  1. I love ur blog!!!!

  2. @ Makeup by Yass --- hehe glad to hear 8D

    @ Emma --- Aww thank you very much 8D

  3. I just bought this and am loving it!


  4. OMG i have that and I LOVEEEEEE it. mines pink though. haha. so whenever people come over they're like "what is that pink patch on your head?"

    Jennifer & Sherry

  5. This is so useful, also love it :D I have to buy a new one (old one got lost xD)

  6. I love this fringe holder too, it's really useful ;D

  7. @ Charming Vanity --- Glad to hear that. It is a wonderful and useful product!

    @ Jennifer and Sherry --- lOl because mine is black people really don’t notice I have it on.

    @ MayClover --- lOl I keep losing mine too.

    @ Dina (XYYan) --- Agreed 8D

  8. that looks cool! oh, i forgot to tell you that i finally watched the young victoria last week (i remember this is where i first saw the trailer of that movie), and i liked it. :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. Cute! love yur blog
    now following,care to follow back? XOXO

  10. @ Mimi --- I’m glad to here that 8D it really is a pretty good movie.

    @ VenusInVirgo --- Thank you! Of course I will follow you, your blog is amazing 8D

  11. I have been using these clips too, but I always throw them around and end up losing all of them. lol I think recently there are some in bows shape, really cute :)

  12. @ Daphne --- There are some bow shaped ones that came out here recently. There really cute. I think I’m going to get it 8D

  13. ohh i have this in pink.. and have so many of them LOL! i thought i lost a set and bought another XD

  14. @ v a m p i r e --- lOl I never thought the fringe grip was so popular.

    @ Nic Nic --- lOl