Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Birthday Haul Part #1

On the day of my birthday I stopped by a couple places and got…

The Revlon Color Stay Foundation in 330/natural tan for normal to dry skin. I usually have combination skin (mixture of oily and dry skin), but the transition of summer to fall and fall to winter my skin gets extremely dry and flakey. I also tired getting the Revlon Color Stay Foundation for oily skin, but the foundation color selection for oily skin is really yellow looking.
Next thing I got is new 2010 studio tools crease brush. So far I love it 8D
And the last thing I got is what I got from game stop, which is Mario and Luigi (Bowser’s Inside Story) for the DS. This was actually pre-owned, so I got no box for it, but it was cheaper.
That’s it for now but more b-day hauls will be coming up soon; I also ordered a few things online so it will take about a week to 2 weeks for it to arrive.
I will also do reviews on all the stuff I got sometime at the end of October or the beginning of November so keep an eye out for that 8D

Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy
Tell me if you tried any of these products let me know what you think of them 8D


  1. Yes! I enjoyed this entry! I would love to see more items from your birthday,


    <33 Rena

  2. yayyyy for mario ^^ happy belated bday ~

  3. Nice haul! I love using the revlon colorstay foundation. Am a sand beige or nude but i got the wrong shade first time around and am stuck with it now. Haha


  4. @ Rena --- I’m so happy you did! And thank you very much!

    @ amanda --- I love Mario too hehe and thank you 8D

    @ Charming Vanity --- Thanks! Haha I really hate you can’t swatch the foundations, but I had my BF with me, so he helped me find the perfect match for my skin tone.

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  6. HAppy Birthday!!! (belated?)

  7. @ Dolls Factory --- Thanks for letting me know 8D

    @ Daphne --- Thanks! yes it is belated lOl, it was on the 22 of September.

  8. happy belated birthday! great birthday haul here! :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. Belated happy birthday :) mario and luigi my all time fave.

  10. Ah no! I missed your bday?? Hope you had a lovely bday!!! Great haul!! xXx <3

  11. @ Nadine Natalin --- Thanks, mario and luigi are my fav too 8)

    @ PinkOrchids --- i did thank you 8)