Monday, August 9, 2010

You’re Going Places, Baby Award/Tag! Thanks Mimi 8D

Exciting news for me, Mimi from What Mimi Writes (Follow her she is kind and a great blogger!) Tagged/Awarded I with ‘You’re Going Place, Baby!’ Thank you again Mimi!
The rules are very simple:
1) Get the award icon
2) Share with us where you see yourself in 10 years
3) Pass on the award

So 10 years from now I will be 29! I’ll be married and have 2 little Dizzys running around lOl, be a pro makeup artist, and have my own online shop selling my own clothing line and the hottest makeup brands at a wholesale price. And that’s it for now 8D

I pass on this Award to:
The blog of Ken- an infinite nightmare (Ken)

Make Sure to check out these wonderful ladies and Ken 8D

Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy


  1. Thanks Dizzy! You're soo young :)

  2. Thanks for the award!! Lol i think i would like two kids too =) Would you want boys or girls? If both, which first? I think i'd want a girl then a boy, but if i had two of the same then i would so dress them up like twins!! Omg i'm so random, i hope i'm not scaring you! Haha! xX

  3. Thank you very much!
    I am 1 year younger than you :P

  4. @ Kristie --- You’re welcome 8D

  5. @ PinkOrchids --- HAHAHA your not scaring me at all, you’re just funny 8D
    Originally I wanted to have 3 kids in the future, but after babysitting, and watching friends with there kids, 3 is too many. I think maybe 2 are too many. IDK I think I’ll see after the first one. But if I had to choose the gender of my future kids I would have a boy 1st than a girl.

  6. @ Daphne --- You’re welcome!
    *sigh* I wish I can reverse time and become 18 again…

  7. @ Dina (XYYan) --- You’re very welcome 8D

    @ Ken --- You’re welcome 8D

  8. i just saw this .... thanks dizzy! youre awesome!