Saturday, July 24, 2010 Haul!!!

YAY! My other order came in today!
I ordered these on 7/20 (Tuesday) and received it today 7/24 (Saturday) so I approximately took 4 days to get here, which was a lot better than last time.
Urban Decay was selling and still selling there Loose pigments, Ultraglide Lip Gloss, and Smoke Out Eye Pencils for $5.00USD (Check it out! ---> Don't Miss Out!
As you may know I already had purchased some of the items on sale and received them a little while ago (Check My Haul Out Here ---> Urban Decay Website Haul)
I definitely had to go back online and get some more of the loose pigments. I also saw that Urban Decay was selling 2 full size eyeshadow for $19.00USD, they usually cost $17.00 each, so this was a steal for me, on top of that I notice that the eyeshadow Chains is discounted from there online store, and you can only get it with in this pack, and! The eyeshadows in Grind and Acid Raid (FAV COLOR) are on the R.I.P section which means that as soon as the product sells out it will be discounted.
So here are the Shadows I got, I will do a review on these at a later date, maybe 2-3 weeks from now, so keep and eye out for that:

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Acid Rain and Midnight Cowboy

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Half Baked and Chains

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Oil Slick and Grind

Loose Pigment in Asphyxia

Loose Pigment in Goddess

Loose Pigment in Gunmetal

Loose Pigment in Shag

Loose Pigment in Smog

Loose Pigment in X

I got every thing for $87.00, I saved about $135.00! WOW RIGHT! Oh when you do order online and your purchases come up to $50.00+, you get free Priority Shipping.

Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy
Let me know what you think of these products! Love It Or Hate It?


  1. Wow! You actually got a really good deal on these! The goodies look really good! i can't wait to see the looks you will do with them =)
    P.s., do try the make-up remover, let me know if you do! =) xX

  2. Nice haul!! Enjoy your goodies.

  3. thanks for your comments dizzy~!


  4. Awesome haul! I love UD stuffs too :D

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  6. @ Dolls Factory --- Yes Follow me.
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  7. Do a MU look on me with acid rain!