Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Urban Decay Website Haul

I order this on 7/14 (Wednesday) and just received this package today, a week later. Urban Decay did give me a notice in 7/19 (Monday), so it took them about 2 work days to process it, and 2 work days for it to get here. This isn’t too bad, not to slow but not fast neither.
Do you remember my last post tilted 5 Dollar Deals On Urban Just telling you about the online sale, Urban Decay had for they Smoke Out Eye Pencils, Ultra Glide Lip glosses, and the Loose Pigments, selling them for 5 dollars each, which is a really really good deal for Urban Decay, you know I jumped on it! You will rarely see Urban Decay selling there products for this Cheap! Maybe for half price, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them sell any thing for 5 dollars.
I got 13 items for $67.50USD, I saved $145.50USD!
So the sale is not advertised on there front page but there still selling Smoke Out Eye Pencils, Ultra Glide Lip glosses, and the Loose Pigments for $5.00USD. So check it out if you can, who knows how long this will go on?
Here are the items I got; I will do a later review on each item I got in about a week or two, so look out for that.

They really stuffed this box with a whole bunch of tissues

This is all the items together
UD even gave me a sample for there original eye shadow primer potion, and 2 samples of there new star dust eyeshadows in Retrograde and Space Cowboy.

Loose Pigment in Protest

Loose Pigment in Rockstar

Ultraglide Lip Gloss Deep

Ultraglide Lip Gloss Gash

Ultraglide Lip Gloss Heat

Ultraglide Lip Gloss Hustle

Ultraglide Lip Gloss O

Ultraglide Lip Gloss Quiver
I was going to get the Ultraglide Lip Gloss in lust, but they didn’t have it at the time, :(

Smoke Out Eye Pencil Green Goddess

Smoke Out Eye Pencil Mary Jane

Smoke Out Eye Pencil Maui Wowie

Smoke Out Eye Pencil Purple Haze

And lastly I got the Wonder Brush, which is now called the
Vintage Wonder Brush
and UD is selling all there old brushes for half price.

This sale was so great, I decided to order more, and a few different shadows as well. I’m so excited for that order to come throw.
IDK what it is but I get really antsy after I order something online and I just count the days till it gets here, I also get nervous when I leave the house in fear it would come when I’m gone. When it eventually does get here I can’t open it for like an hour, I just do whatever I’m doing and bring it around with me lOl … I know what your thinking “OCD much Dizzy?” but I can’t break this weird-o habit or ritual? Does N-E body else do this to?

Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy


  1. Great great haul!! Enjoy your new goodies and let us know how these turn out.

  2. so exciting! i look forward to your future reviews on these. :)

    <3, Mimi

  3. wow so many goodiesss!!! can't wait to see what they look like on you! xX

  4. @ Kristie --- Thank you and I will 8D

    @ Mimi --- lOl it is 8D

    @ PinkOrchids --- 8D

    @ reenigrl7 --- Yes there very pretty.