Thursday, July 15, 2010

Product Review: Mini Heated Eyelash Curler from

Description from PRETTYANDCUTE.COM = Mini Heated Eyelash curler, perfect for on the go! This little beauty secret is design to give you that natural eyelash curl. It is battery powered with easy to hold design. This is a must have in your travel makeup bag. You never know when you need that boost in your mesmerizing eyelashes.
•Fine shape, SUPER MINI SIZE!!! 95.5 x 21 x 19.3mm (LxWxH) only for the body!
•Small & Portable enough to bring anywhere: holiday trip, or keep it in your cosmetic bag daily, anytime anywhere to do your pretty curls!
•Simple & safe operation with only one switch.
•Temperature is 60-80°C when heating.
•With a clear cover protecting the heating comb.
•Two lines of heating system.
•Requires 1 AAA batteries (not included).
How to use =
• Remove the clear cover.
• Slide off the battery cover and insert 1 AAA battery as guided.
• Push ON/OFF button up to turn on, the heating comb becomes hot around 15-30 seconds when the curler is ready for use.
• Put the heating comb on your eyelashes till desire results.
• When finished, slide ON/OFF button downward. The unit will stop heating.
• Take out the battery if not in use for a long time.
Price = $11.00 USD

My Opinion/Review = When 1st looking at this heated lash curler, it’s cute and so compact, also I’m loving the pink.
It’s super easy to use; just flip the switch on or off,
and wait for the indicator on the back to turn white, so you know it’s heated and ready to use.
When it does get hot it won’t burn your lids or your finger when using this curler, which is super nice.
The downfall I would have to say is that the heated lash curler does not curl very well, in fact it takes forever to get even the slightest curl. I mainly use this heat curler for my lower lashes, it actually curls them decently. Maybe the curler doesn’t really work for my top lash, because there so stubborn and pretty much stick straight down? Overall I don’t recommend this product at all; it’s a waste of money. I’m disappointed that pretty and cute would sell this product BOOOO!

lOl this is so funny, when I got this, and I was reading the front part of the packaging, it said it painlessly removes hair. I was like WTF! What does that mean? Did I get the wrong product? It took me a very long time to even use the curler, in fear that it will remove my lashes, fortunately for me, it was a weird typo.
Oh! and it said it comes with a free carrying pouch and cleaning brush, but I never got that?

=Overall score: ★☆☆☆☆=

Hope You Enjoyed This Entry. Till Next Time!
OX Dizzy
Let me know what you think of this product! Love It Or Hate It?


  1. LOL that's a funny typo. Asian products always have the strangest descriptions. Like you, I can never get these to work. They end up burning my lashes.

  2. hahaha, omg, that typo made me laugh! but it sure sounds like a really interesting tool. :)

    p.s. head on over to my blog and enter my giveaway for a chance to win a cute top! and get a coupon code to get 15% off online shopping. :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. I love this post!! I was really contemplating in investing into one of these gizmo's! But luckily i'm not gonna buy this particular one now that i read your review!! But i think the concept is amazing! Its just about buying the right one now =) but you were right, the heat curler does look really handy and cute! Too bad it didn't work out, atleast it didn't cost alot? Btw, i heard there's a type of mascara you can buy that is made especially for heated curlers?? Not sure if you know about tht =) xX

  4. @ Kristie --- Good heated lash curlers are so to find, they either don’t work or like you said burn your lashes.
    I did hear that the Panasonic heated lash curler is good for stubborn Asian lashes, so I might have to try that out?

  5. @ Mimi --- I’ll defiantly enter your giveaway! Thanks for telling me about it.

  6. @ PinkOrchids --- No I never heard of the mascara made for heated curlers, what is it called? I would like to try it!

  7. LOL! That typo is very funny. I think I'll be in doubt when I read that too :D

  8. I have something similar! It doesn't curl at all but I do use it on clumpy eyelashes - I 'melt' the mascara clumps with it. I only use it personally (but not often); I used to work at MAC but never used anything like that on customers, of course! I liked your blue eyeliner look, by the way, you're good! I'm your newest follower, hope you will visit my blog too!

  9. @ Café Bellini --- Thank you so much for your kind words, and thank you for following my blog, I’m really grateful for it!