Thursday, May 20, 2010

Product Review: Urban Decay Grind House

Description form URBANDECAY.COM = This multi-functional pencil sharpener is designed to work with the entire 24/7 family: a slim line hole for 24/7 Glide-On Eye & Lip Pencils & a large hole for thick-barreled 24/7 Concealer. Our sharpener also works with most other brands’ big & small pencils (if you must. . .).
Our sharpener goes through 11 steps before assembling the blade onto the sharpener body, resulting in phenomenal quality. Made of durable steel, we infused the precision sharpener blade with 1% carbon to prevent rust, and attached a transparent removable lid. Added bonus? Purple flourishes make it the prettiest sharpener, ever.
Tips = The plastic tool inserted in the sharpener is for scraping and dislodging shavings, keeping blade free of gunk.

Urban Decay can be found at your local Sephora, or Ulta. If you prefer online shopping you can go to,, or If you might know where else to get Urban Decay products please post it as a comment.

My Opinion = I know you might be thinking $8.00USD for a dual sharpener that’s ridiculous! but it is a good investment really. This sharpener isn’t like any old cheap-o sharpener you get from the dollar store or drug store it’s the real deal, it will sharpen anything that will fit in one of its 2 barrels from hard stubborn pencils that would break you’re old cheap sharpener to soft pencils that would crumble in the barrel. This product should last you for a long time and cleaning it should not be a hassle for it has a plastic tooth pick like thing that can get all that excess liner off your blade. I recommend this to anyone who needs a good sharpener.

=Overall Score: ★★★★★=

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  1. How does this compare to MAC's cause that one is utter crap. Breaks my pencils and leaves it unevenly sharpened.

  2. @ naturalnchicmakeup ---
    I’ve tried many sharpeners in my life, but I usually end up tossing them, this I positively say is the best of the best so far. Comparing the grind house to M.A.C’s sharpener, grind house it’s TEN TIMES BETTER! The grind house sharpens even and doesn’t break the pencils, and I’ve tried many different types of pencils to use on grind house, so far so good.
    Hope This Info Helped!
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