Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[Product Review] Japan Epi Stick Facial Hair Removal Tool from PrettyandCute.com

Description from PRETTYANDCUTE.COM: The Epi Stick works on the principal of threading – known as fatlah in Egypt and khite in Arabic - which has been used as a hair removal technique across Asia and the Middle East for centuries. And of course, there’s a reason traditional methods like this are still used – it is safe, easy to do in the privacy of your own home, saves vast amounts of money on trips to the beauty salon and on creams and waxes and, as it pulls hairs out from the root it leaves your skin smooth and hair free for longer.
How to use:
o Bend the Super Stick into an inverted ‘U’
o Place it against the hairs you want to say goodbye to
o Holding the handles, twist the stick in opposite directions
o The hairs are trapped between the tightly coiled spring which grips and removes them in one swift moment
Use it on:
* Forehead
* Cheeks
* Upper lip
* Chin
(Please do not use it eyebrows)
* Say goodbye to messy creams and waxes
* No more expensive trips to the beauty salon
* Removes hair at the root for a longer lasting hair-free complexion
* Finer re-growth with repeated removal
* Safe and hygienic
* Hair removal in the privacy of your own home
* One Super Stick will give you a life time of hair removal!
* Removes more than one hair at a time – unlike tweezing
* Slim and lightweight – take it wherever you go for on the spot removal
* Painlessly remove hair anytime, anywhere!

My Opinion/Review: I love the Epi Stick! And it’s only $4.99USD! If you can’t find this at prettyandcute.com, go to myspringit.com. But please check pretty and cute 1st, cause its 10 dollars cheaper and ultimately works the same.
1st let me just say this is not painless, but with every use it becomes more tolerable. The Epi Stick works amazingly, just look at my before and after pics.
@_@ Crazy right! I most definitely recommend this, it’s cheaper than going to a salon for waxing or threading every month or however many times you go.

Overall score: ★★★★★
Get It! Use It! And Tell Me What you Think!

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  1. wow looks promising. Being the klutz that I am, I think I might poke myself in the face trying to use this.

  2. @ naturalnchicmakeup --- lOl me too! but it is super easy to use, and nothing is sharp enough to do any damage, just avoid using this on your brows.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  3. How do you get the hairs out of the stick?

    1. just stretch the spring and blow air from your mouth on the stick..hope u get it!!

  4. @ Anonymous --- As your twisting the epi stick some hairs will just fall off, but you can gently spread apart the springs and blow to get the rest of the hairs out.
    Hope that helped 8)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. By the looks of the result. This product does well. But will the result as clean as your sample pic if I'll use this product for my back hair..?I wish this product can definitely provide Permanent Hair Removal.

  6. You can find this product on Ebay for only $1 with free shipping! :)

  7. I ordered this yesterday on eBay for under £2 with postage and it arrived today. I just tried it out on my upper lip and boy did it sting! It took a little getting used to, the pain and getting the movement right, and I have found that I have to keep going over the same areas a few times before it removes all of the hair. I tried it on my leg, just to see what it might feel like with an epilator (I haven't used one before), but it wouldn't grip the hair properly. Seems to only work on the shorter ones. I was worried it would catch my skin but it works fine. Nifty little gadget... a lot quicker than tweezing the individual hairs.