Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Candy Eye Issue is Resolved

So has some of you may know I wrote a post about a little over a month ago bashing, because I ordered a pair of contacts on November 28, 2009 and have not received till now after I e-mailed them several times. They contacted me thru my blog, on the post I made, saying they would really like to solve this situation, and contact them. So I did, and they have finally sent the contacts, and I gave them to my younger sister, who was actually the one who gave me the money to order it for her. You will see I still have the post where I was bashing but in a re-worded form and not really bashing on them just stating facts. had asked me to actually take down the post I made when I received my order, so in a way I did I just wanted to keep your comments and hopefully will see how many customers they neglected. For all you people who might be going thru what I went thru, e-mail at this address , I think maybe the “contact us” section of their website is selective on what e-mails they receive ;) hopefully your issue is resolved, if not just blog about it, and maybe they’ll contact you directly, like they did with me lOl …. Just joking!
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OX Dizzy


  1. So are they still sending out lenses to North America? I'm from Canada and I ordered my lenses on the 5th of May. It's now the 31st. I mean, the shipping IS free but... this is a tad rediculous. I sent an email the other day to the site. Nothing really happened there. Today I sent one to the email address. Hopefully I won't have to blog about it. lol. Kidding. Though, I will keep everyone here posted. Nobody needs to get ripped off if it can be avoided.

  2. Well, I've made a ton of attempts to contact these people and it got me nowhere. Not a whipser. I hope people share this so we can end this crap.

  3. Hi,
    I can't even send them emails, I always get an authomatic error message whenever I try. I bought two pairs of lenses from them in APRIL. Two months ago.
    Do you know another email address where I could contact them?:(

  4. I ordered my lenses 1 month ago. i think they are still processing, and when i try to go to the website and sign in.. see how the order is or send them a message about it i get an error message... i REALLY want my lenses! i need them for a special event and there is too late to order from another site now! i thought i would get them now so i could use them soon. i dont got any other circle lenses at home. :/
    this is the first time im ordering this type of lenses, usually i'm using normal lenses because i dont like to wear glasses. today i wondered "where in the.d.e.dekfioekwofioe is my lenses???" then i googled about it and found all this crap about this site. OMG im angry -.-

  5. Something over a year ago, I ordered three pairs of lenses from and I only got 2 pairs. They didn't say anything about the third ones being out of stock or anything. I just never got them....